Dear Diary: I Am Planning To Replace My Basic Phone

in health •  3 months ago


My basic phone dies on me unexpectedly and maybe it was when I was angry in that time that I went from dialysis with disappointing results.

As you can see other people controls my life. I can never be on my own and I just am almost totally disabled. I cannot just say, "Mother, Father I will go somewhere and live there on my own" it is impossible and it makes me get frustrated.

And at dialysis, the nurses just could mess things up and I will be the victim. In fact, the product of their care at the dialysis center are like me, most cannot walk. Sometimes a strong patient comes and after sometime they couldn't barely walk anymore.

That is the reality that I am facing and it is hard that you are hooked into people that has an active control over your life.

Anyway, I just needed a good working phone because I use it to receive the message for my schedule at dialysis. My smartphone uses a nano SIM card while the SIM card that I regularly use is a regular one so I needed a basic phone for that SIM card plus, it is hard to type on this phone too.

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I wish you a sucessful dialysis procedure, i do hope you will achieve your aim of getting another phone soon.

How old is your, friend? I use Nokia phone as a basic phone. This brand is very reliable.


I guess I will go for Nokia then.