Dear Diary: I Am Like Hitler

in health •  6 months ago


When I start to eat gasses forms in my gut and also gasses forms when I also drink even in small amounts may it be water or other fluids. So I would have a trouble sitting down as I could not pass it all out easily. It always requires me to lay down so that I could fart with ease.

It maybe a symptom of digestion problem due to many reasons like my medicines, my sensitivity to certain foods, and my inability to properly digest some kinds of foods. So sometimes it maybe funny to somebody else that I would pass gas inadvertently but it really is a health issue that I do not have any control of.

In my culture most people make fun of those who did passed gasses not knowing the whole story behind the foulness of the situation in one's condition. So I would always either avoid such places or tell that there will be an incoming putridity coming along and everyone sensitive should take cover.

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Every man has some dark side. Hitler is one of them. I have learned many things about Hitler which was unknown me. Thanks to your post.

My friend always says, "Farts are funny," but I never laughed his stink so bad you could puke.

@cryptopie you are the polar opposite of Hitler. You are a good, kind, and loving person. Don't ever think otherwise.

And sorry about the gas problem. I know that must be frustrating and very uncomfortable to say the least .

Praying for you as always :)