Dear Diary: An Unexpected Guest Arrived In My Body Today

in health •  2 months ago


Yesterday's cooking escapade landed me with not a good feeling today. As I viewed my weekly thanksgiving with my mother and @labuyo24 as the presiding church worker, we just ended up viewing a special prayer meeting instead, so it is shorter duration than the Thanksgiving.

Now an unexpected guest arrived, it is not a person, it is a thing that will bother me for a while God forbid. It was this lumbago, a pain in my lower back. I never had it before and my pain usually originates from my upper back.


Now it is a bit alleviated because I am already lying down on my bed but I know that this is just temporary and I will feel its wrath again until I get up, stand, or sit. So maybe I may have to take some pain reliever if it gets worse or lay on the seat of our car while going to and from the dialysis center.

Now I am really terrified about my back bone issue and it worries me that it will get worse. I will just be taking it slowly and carefully when I move so that I won't break any weak bones or exacerbate any damages that had already taken place. It is all just frustrating in spite of my efforts to work it out with medicines I still get no improvements, so any prayers now I needed them all.

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Un dolor de espalda es muy molesto ya que no nos permite movernos con facilìdad y como dices es incomodo ya que no podemos estar mucho tiempo ni sentados, ni parados ni acostados. Tomate los calmentes y Oremos para que no sufras un hueso roto ó algo parecido @cryptopie

I was visited by the cousin of lumbago who visited you, since I can not even move from the pain of my lower back. We pray to God that this annoyance happens, to you I wish you to recover quickly from that uncomfortable pain, my warrior @cryptopie

Hello my dear friend, who visits so unexpectedly. I hope soon leave your body and manage to feel a little better. I send you a big hug.

You will fell better now my friend .

Will continue to keep you and many more in prayers.