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Last month my carefully planned out goals ended up taking a few unexpected detours...and for awhile there I wasn't entirely sure how things would end up. Not all of them were recorded on the blockchain...but going through so many emotional highs and lows in such a short span of time...it has been immensely hard on me. I can't imagine that it was any easier on the dear friends that I leaned on for support either. These lovely people deserve every blessing for hearing me out and for just being there.

Even with the best of intentions...severe depression has a terrible way of making even the happiest situations feel dark...hopeless and rather overwhelming. I have been drowning in so much physical and emotional pain...that it has become increasingly harder to properly express the things that I have been wanting to say. But even through the thick of it...I never once felt ungrateful for the kindness...compassion and financial support generously given to me during my moment of need. Today marks a new month...and now that nearly everything has been made right again...I am prepared to focus on moving forward and feeling better.

So much has been accomplished with the money raised last month. And none of it would have been possible without the connections made through @minnowsupport and through interactions with folks that frequent their discord server. Since everything that was ordered last month finally arrived...I wanted to write one final post with proof pictures. As you can see...I was able to purchase many things far beyond my original medical requests. This is a testament to the real generosity that can be found here.

This is my current treatment plan for the next 3-6 months...all made possible through fundraiser proceeds. It has been tailored to deal with two serious health problems...one chronic and one acute. It tries to balance pain management with reducing symptoms towards a better day to day quality of life. And slowing down the progression of degeneration.

Normally...with my income only purchasing one or two of the cheapest ones every few months would be possible. It has been truly humbling to see from a different angle how far I have fallen...and how much support has been needed to get back up again.

1. Vitamin...mineral and electrolyte support for increased energy levels. 2. Reduce muscle spasms and bone pain with calcium...vitamin d...and magnesium citrate/sulfate. 3. High dose antioxidants to combat inflammation...and repair cell damage. 4. Digestive disorder management through nutritional meal replacement drinks...cleansers and probiotic and antiviral supplements. 5. Desensitization and pain relief though electrical nerve and muscle stimulation with TENS unit. 6. Topical Arnica treatments to reduce bruising and muscle strain. 7. CBD Oil 15-25 MG per day for acute stomach pain treatment. 8. CBD isolate capsules 100MG per day...for future nerve pain treatment.

You will see in my cover photo above...my new Tens unit...some replacement electrodes and electrode gel to prolong their usage...and some Arnicare gel. When it comes right down to summing up the Tens unit...in a lot of ways I pretty much ended up with an older form of the same technology...just less portable and convenient than the Quell. Before...I was worried about how to get 24/7 pain relief and still go about my life and also how to afford the replacement parts. Despite trying to wing it...on something this important. I just needed to be a planner.

After going around in circles for awhile...I settled on getting something equally good for pain relief no matter how many hours out of the day that I have to be stationary. At this point...I am pretty immobile anyway...and it's not that much of a trade off to have a similar device with tons of wires going everywhere...when the result will end up being about the same.

It remains to be seen how my allodynia and hyperalgesia will react to the electrical impulses...but many other people with CRPS worse than mine...have been highly successful with Tens units. The idea here is to disrupt the false pain signals with ones that are on a different wavelength. I will be starting off with the very lowest setting on the least sensitive area below my right knee and hopefully...eventually be able to use it elsewhere as part of desensitization therapy. My skin hasn't thinned out which assures me this treatment option is still a very valid one.

I am so immensely appreciative to have this unit that it brings me to tears. Unlike the last one...it arrived exactly as advertised in a matter of days...and still in the original plastic. The electrodes are also hospital grade...won't wear out as quickly and are very affordable and easy to acquire from within Canada. I needed this peace of mind for keeping this treatment going well into the long term.

A few weeks ago...fell on my porch and ended up slamming my left foot into the metal base of the nearby door frame. This foot happens to be the one with the worst of the osteoporosis and is like glass. Right away...I thought it might be broken because the blunt force felt like a bolt of lightning. I also twisted back towards the landing and injured my knee, hip, lower back and shoulder in the process. When I fell forward...I was facing the staircase from the side of the landing and almost plummeted down them. The only thing that stopped me was my poor left ankle...which had joint surgery once. I am still praying my ankle joint is going to be okay.

This incident triggered some alarm bells and also some memories from my distant past. It underlined even more the need for better mobility as soon as possible. The original injury that caused my life to change forever...actually resulted from falling down the stairs. So...it was pretty terrifying to almost recreate the scene of the injury that first resulted in my condition. This time around...it could have easily unraveled 15 years of hard work and put me back into a wheelchair.

I still dream of an independent life and cling to the barest chance of partial recovery. I have said it many times before...but I desperately need to get moving around better and build up more balance and strength to prevent this from happening again. Thanks to this community...I now have many of the necessary tools to begin doing just that!

It could have been a lot worse...and I was blessed to avoid a far more devastating outcome. But it has still been horrible coping with the bruises and body aches. I hit the bone pretty damn hard...and even though the x-ray ruled out a fracture...weeks later it still hurts like hell. With the typical CRPS response to trauma...it's understandable to be freaked out about this. Once my brain latches onto any kind of pain there is no controlling it. I am literally at the mercy of a dysfunctional nervous system which has a tendency to create pain where it's no longer necessary. I could yet suffer some long term effects.

The Arnicare gel that I ordered...is precisely for this kind of injury. It's a homepathic formula with arnica montana mother tincture...bryonia mother tincture...calendula officialis mother tincture and ledum palustre mother tincture. Suspended in a clear alcohol based formula for the relief of muscle and joint pain...and the resorption of bruises and inflammatory oedema caused by falls...blows...blunt injury and surgery. I like how the gel is so minimal and it evaporates almost as soon as it touches my skin. I could have used this stuff right way...but have already noticed an improvement in the last few days. I also hope this gel will aid in future physical therapy exercises because I very easily bruise and pull muscles with normal activity. Whenever the aftermath of the fall finally fades...and I feel less cautious of worsening any lingering damage.

The CBD isolate capsule portion of my treatment plan is still to come. It's the only remaining piece of last month's disaster that needs to be made right. I accidentally purchased electrodes for a device that ended up being a scam...and all further attempts to get that device again and make use of these electrodes failed. The Tens device that I ended up purchasing instead...is not compatible with the Quell electrodes pictured above.

In this mix up...I lost about $180. As soon as I figure out how to sell this three month package of brand new of sport electrodes the money will be immediately used to buy CBD isolate...hopefully before my CBD oil tinctures run out! I don't have an ebay store...facebook account or any useful connections to sell them and nobody is answering my local advertisements. Any suggestions or help getting the word out would be a huge help! Shipping them to anywhere in Canada won't cost as much as it did getting them across the border.

I have been working on getting some CBD isolate at wholesale price...ever since I found out that my tincture bottles are only made with CBD isolate dissolved in carrier oil. I am a DIY sort of girl and was blown away to see how much money can be saved through making my own tinctures. Liquid can be hard to dose though...and this set me on the path of putting the isolate directly into empty gel caps. With 16-25 MG barely touching my overall pain...have been itching to increase the dose to 100MG per day. Buying the equivalent in premade isolate tinctures would end up costing over to $400 per month. It made me very happy to discover the same dose will be possible at under $100 per month! I want to experience the full range of what CBD can do for my health...and this price range makes that very much possible.

I just need to recover the $180 that was accidentally spent on the wrong electrodes in order to move ahead with this. I did not realize until afterwards the caps that were purchased for this project...are bovine sourced. It's a good thing that I am not a strict vegan...but I will definitely be getting the vegetable sourced ones next time.

Due to my stomach issues...I have experienced rapid weight loss. About 20 pounds so far...and it's not slowing down. I have briefly mentioned one or two possible causes in previous posts...but probably won't be saying much more until official diagnosis. It's just too much to go back and forth with at the moment. The medical system here often leaves much to be improved upon...but lately there has also been much to be appreciated. I am used to getting the short end...but the last few weeks have been filled with so many appointments and tests...they have all blurred together. In a few days...I will be undergoing two surgical procedures which could lead to a more dangerous third one depending on what they find. The week of preparation alone has been staggering. I am not sure how long it will take for me to recover from them...but will certainly need some good vibes.

I am still questioning my greater purpose here...but for now I have found some new motivation with free writing and sharing coloring pages. It feels like another lifetime...another person...that was once motivated to be a whirlwind dolphin and community leader and to give so much of my time and energy to various causes. Now...I am just here to try and make good and lasting friendships to keep the loneliness away.

And of course...to earn enough Steem to afford ongoing medical bills. I always strive to make the best possible creative content based on the state of my health...and hope this will continue to be seen as good enough. It looks like this next year will probably be filled with doing whatever is best to take care of me...but I also want to balance it out. Life is a lot like a two way road...and finding hope should be mutual. Connecting with kindred souls is another kind of medicine. I feels important to be the faithful listener to anyone else who needs the kind of compassionate support that I too deeply benefit from. Just bracing myself to get through this week...after which this will be my simple personal 'mantra' going forward.

Decrease pain and inflammation...
Get moving...build up strength...
Work towards my dreams...



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Thank you for being a member and supporter of the creativebot.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Keep Steeming on!! <3

I am so sorry to hear about your pain! The Tens unit will help, especially if it has a frequency scan function. Be aware that you will acclimate to the therapy after a few minutes, and turning it up again, will get better results. I used to design these, and this is the step most people are not told about.

Arnica tincture is good for pain, and will help. The best herbal for accelerating healing is Comfrey. It heals bruises overnight, and will penetrate a foot deep. The Greeks named it Kint Bone, because they used it for healing broken bones. I did a post for Natural Medicine on how to make your own (because it is expensive) and you could do this and just use the gravity extraction, and ignore the steam extraction, to keep it simple:

The use of comfrey tincture is simple, get a roller bottle, and apply it anywhere you hurt, as often as you like. Moisten a cotton pad with it, cover the back of the pad to keep it moist, and tape it over where you hurt overnight.

I have some of the same problems you have, and there are a couple of things I would recommend, for the digestion. Take ginger capsules, they are a natural remedy for upset stomach that works very well. for GI (intestine) spasms, take slippery elm. It coats the GI tract and protects it from further damage; giving valuable relief! Naturally fermented foods like sauerkraut, Kombucha, Fermented Pickles, and yogurt will all help your GI tract run better.

For an anti inflammatory (three back surgeries) I use tumeric, combined with boswella, and some black pepper to act as a catalyst. I mix 65%, 30%, and 5% respectively. Here is a post on that:

I get my herbs from www.our4corners.net and I have no affiliations with them, except as a customer; but any supplier would be fine! The Boswellia is actually frankincense tears, ground to powder in a coffee grinder.

I have had some success on nerve damage repair with The herbal Stinging Nettle. I dispense this in capsules, however it makes an excellent tea too, and is good for the lungs also. I give her 4000 mg twice a day, but you could safely double that amount....

Be Blessed, and pain free! :)


Wow! I really appreciate so many great suggestions! I especially love the fact that everything here is natural. The comfrey for my ankle and the slippery elm for my stomach...are the ones that I am very eager to start with. I will check your blog posts tomorrow...thank you so much for providing them. I haven't had very much luck with topical nerve pain solutions in the past...but sure do love my teas! <3


Comfrey is a lot stronger than most other herbals! Since it penetrates so deeply, it is unlike other topical treatments. I had a car wreak, that required shoulder surgery, He told me I would need a replacement soon. I was having trouble with the shoulder joint throbbing so sleep was impossible. I put a wet pad on overnight, and woke up sleeping on that shoulder for the first time in three years.

He has told me since, that he did a better job than he thought, and I will not need a new shoulder after all. I didn't tell him, ROFLOL!

I apologize for the post length on the comfrey, but making the tincture with comfrey is the most difficult herbal process I do here at home. If it didn't work so well, I would stop making it!

Be sure to turn the TENS therapy up a second time after you start using it each time. You will get a lot more good from it if you do. It releases endogenous opiates, AKA internal pain meds; (endorphins and enkephalins) which work together to supply pain relief for about 24 hours. The higher the intensity, and the greater the time, the more endogenous opiates are released by the body.

Remember the tumeric! It is my daily pain reliever, and is very good for the body, long term.

Be Blessed, and text me any time I can help!



This week has been a very busy and stressful one for me...I wanted to get back to you on this topic sooner. I am still very excited to see the results of the comfrey tincture for my ankle pain...hopefully dried will work? The stuff at the health food store...she said it's very old and never sells. I want to get this started soon...but might have to buy some online.

As for the tens unit...I wish that I had known about your expertise sooner! I struggled for almost two weeks...not knowing who to ask for advice...and figuring out what exactly to look for when buying a tens unit. Ultimately...it seems that I might have picked one that is more 'user friendly' than the one you would probably suggest. I saw the ones with dials and complicated settings for sale and did not understand them.

Mine does not have the frequency scan feature and also has some silly buttons that basically all do the same thing. Although I still remain ever so grateful to have it...and will strive to make the most out of it...I am not completely sure now it's up to the task of serious long term use. Turning it up a second time isn't possible because the higher intensity levels are too painful. On the easy@home model...do you know if the intensity settings could be in any way related to the frequency level? Or perhaps the individual programs serve this task.

Honestly...I would much rather be educated on the frequency pulse rate...appropriate number of hertz...and the width settings versus using a product where these settings aren't adaptable. I would deeply appreciate any tips on which of the more advanced tens units is best...for the next time around!


If the comfrey is still liquid, it is okay. If the bottle is a little low, add some everclear to replace the evaporation. I am told in the reference books that comfrey tincture will last for a decade, with no loss of strength. Mine is used too quickly for that. The darker brown the tincture the better, because it is stronger, but even pale tincture will work well. It will turn your skin brown, but it washes off.

TENS...there is a LOT of information there! But lets start at the beginning. The acclimation takes 5 minutes or so (depending on the type of stimulation); BEFORE you turn up the second time. The stimulation uses up some of the neurotransmitter compound your body uses to send a pain signal. This compound is what carries the pain signal from nerve cell to nerve cell, to jump the gap from axiom to dendrite. Think of it as pain juice, When repeated signals are transferred, this juice gets used up locally, and the pain signals will no longer be carried. So what hurt as too high at first, is not as uncomfortable when this neurotransmitter (pain juice) is depleted. Then you can turn it up as high as you can take (higher is directly equal to pain relief) and let it run.

The scan frequencies are used to release endogenuos opiates (endorphines .and enkephalin) which are what the body uses to run away from danger, even when hurt. They work like Opiates (like Morphine), except without the needle. Every person releases these compounds at a different frequency, so the frequency scan covers everyone best.

Higher frequency pulses are more comfortable (80 to 120 Hz), But lower frequency pulses (1 to 15 Hz) release longer lasting relief. That said, a fixed frequency pulse will release some too, it just needs to run longer. The only limit to TENS is tolerance, too much and the muscles get sore.

However, the comfrey tincture should heal that soreness in a short while.

Let me know any time I can help you! :)

Good to hear and see that you have gained so much, not only in terms of pain relief and Vitamins/Minerals, but the gains in kindness across the world...
Good Going
Best Wishes.

I'm glad to see you were able to get a Tens after the horrible experience with the ebay Quell! Best of luck that all your treatments help you in the best ways possible! <3


Thank you! I have been looking forward to getting all of these treatments well underway at the same time. Hope you are doing well...I haven't checked out your blog lately. <3


No worries, you've definitely had stuff to deal with! I'm doing alright. Money stress, as always, but somehow scraping by!

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Yay for being able to get a whole pile of stuff :D Good luck with the plan, hope all the things help in some way or other :)

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Best wishes and take care of yourself! Thank you for sharing so many details I hope this starts going for the better and that all of treatmes work out!
A hugeee hug! :)