What is needed to reduce cholesterol?

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There are mainly two types of cholesterol in the body. These are low density lipoprotein (LDL) and high density lipoprotein (HDL). LDL creates obstructions in blood clotting, which is why it is called bad cholesterol. On the other hand, HDL suppresses the LDL of various places and helps by sending it to the liver, so that it is beneficial cholesterol. Outside of our body, there is a type of fat called triglyceride, which stores excess energy. Tigllyceride is directly responsible for the weakness of the blood vessels.
Causes of growing cholesterol
Additional levels of triglyceride may be increased due to excessive weight, no physical exertion, smoking, and consumption of rice or sugar (food / bread / semolina / cakes / sugar foods / legs etc.). Extremely additive fatty foods such as red flesh, liver, oily / fried foods, ice cream, various fast food (sandwich, burgers, chicken grill / fries, french fries), ghee / fat fried foods, etc. directly lead to cholesterol growth. Although there is a disagreement between eggs, it is best to avoid as much as possible.
However, in this case, omega-3 rich eggs (Purnava omega-3 eggs) can be eaten as alternatives. Omega-3 rich foods help to increase HDL and reduce LDL.
Not only for family reasons, but also due to hereditary factors, cholesterol may be excessive in the body, which is called a fungalidal hyper cholesterolmia. If he receives this genus from his parents or mother, he receives this genes from heterozygous hyper cholesterolmia and parents, and he is homozygous hyper cholesterolmia.
It is necessary to be very careful in the case of excess cholesterol, because food and livelihood changes are not enough.
Normal levels of cholesterol and triglyceride in the body
Total cholesterol refers to the sum of 0.2 times of HDL, LDL and triglyceride, ie total cholesterol = HDL + LDL + 0.2 triglyceride. The total cholesterol levels may be 200 mg / dsiliter or 6.2 ml / molitre, but may be up to 240 mg / deciliter or 6.2 millimol / liter. The level of HDL or good cholesterol should be more than 60 mg / deciliter or 1.6 millimol / liters and the level of LDL or bad cholesterol should be less than 100 mg / deciliter or 2.6 millimol / liter. The standard triglyceride levels need to be below 150 mg / desiliter or 1.7 millimol / liter.
To prevent cholesterol
Nuts, vegetables, fiber foods, fresh fruits, cabbage, radish, omega-3 rich foods, different types of sea fish, green tea (except sugar), beans, garlic, onions, olive oil. Along with this, at least one hour of walk / hard work of hard work plays an important role in controlling cholesterol. In order to avoid future risk of cholesterol excesses, controlling dietary habits, working hard physically, and physically examining the doctor's advice at specific intervals.


I think fibrous food particularly the beans, sprouts and carrot are the ideal one to reduce cholesterol and a very nice article on the subject is presented by you. thank you for that.

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