How to understand the thyroid problem?

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#Health Desk - Thyroid problems are usually referred to as Hypothyroidism. However, there may be hyperthyroidism or goiter. Thyroid glands may be tumor and may be tumor. Call it a module. The number of tumors can be one or more. Even if it is very bad it can lead you to cancer.
Our body is a brochure called thyroid. It is on both sides of our vocal cord. Look like a butterfly of a butterfly. And its color is brown. The work of this gland is to produce some vital hormones in our body. If there is any exception to this gland hormone, it can cause various diseases.
Again this disease is not like other common diseases. Because its symptoms appear very slowly. But the results are far more harmful. And most of the patients do not know that they carry this disease because this disease appears very slowly. There are 27 million thyroid patients in developed countries like America, and more than 50 percent of people do not know that they have this disease. Because its results are very serious in some cases so let us know how we can understand whether we are at risk.
Weight gain or decrease: Despite a healthy routine, weight loss or decrease in weight. Thyroxin helps in the dangers If the hormone levels increase then weight decreases. Weight decreases if the levels decrease.
Problems to breathe: Without any reason, if you are having trouble breathing, understanding thyroid gland problem may be the reason for this.
Difficulty swallowing food: The location of the thyroid gland These glands increase the pressure in the nerves. Sometimes it creates problems during eating.
Neck, Neck Pain: Neck, throat and neck pain are very difficult. Often it can be for thyroid. So you should not neglect.
Gauter: The increase in thyroid gland is due to the cavity. Throat swelling. One of the reasons is the lack of iodine in the body.
Fatigue: There are many people who are tired of. Do not get energy in any work. It may also be the form of thyroid hormone.
Obesity: If you are feeling angry or uninterrupted or do nothing good, then the man or woman is suffering from depression. Thyroid may also be responsible for this.
Freezing: Those who get cold or do not eat cold things, they should definitely consult the doctor without neglecting it.
Seasonal Problems: If thyroid gland does not function properly its effect is more on girls. Problems occur in menstruation.
Hair fall: If you start to fall too much hair, you should go to the doctor without having to wear a heavy haircut.
Digestion of digestion: Food is not digested properly. If you do, you should have a problem with your thyroid.


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