This is why sunglasses are harmfull!

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Sunglasses have become a big trend, and I would have never suspected that these handy items could have any negative side effects for our health. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Dr Moalom the author form the book Survival of the sickest suggest that there is a link between wearing sunglasses and the increase of formations of skin cancer. This because sunglasses reduces the amount of light that enters our eyes. This will make the brain think that the sun is not shining. This prevents our body from sending signals to our body to begin the tanning process. The tanning process is our body’s natural defense mechanism against overexposure from UV rays. When we tan our body produces more melanin, this is a substance that brings pigment to the skin. This substances is also the reason why we get our beloved suntanned skin. Skin with more melanin have a better ability to withstand the harmful effects from UV radiation and it even forms a shield against free radicals.

Sunglasses are also known to disrupt our circadian rhythm. This is our natural sleep and wake cycles also known as our body clock over a period of 24 hours. Then you might be thinking how are sunglasses disrupting our circadian rhythm. To explain this we have to look how our brain reacts to sunlight. When sunlight enters our eyes, it stimulates the hypothalamus in our brain. The hypothalamus is connected to your pineal gland. The pineal gland is also known as the third eye, as it performs it functions when sunlight enters our eyes.

The pineal gland has two functions:

  • It produces and releases the hormone melatonin.

  • Helps regulate certain reproductive hormones.

When we wear sunglasses our eyes absorb less light, this will eventually result in a decrease in the amount of melatonin that our body produces. This deficiency will cause a disrupt in our circadian rhythm. Some of the symptoms that you might experience are sleep problems and mood swings.

I don’t expect people to throw away there sunglasses. Yes we all love to wear them, because who doesn’t want to get blinded by the sun, me not. But we should take into consideration that it is not good to wear them all day. Or if you are a person that gets easily sunburned, it will be better to keep those shades off.

What kind of sunglasses are you wearing?

There is also a difference in the type of sunglasses we are wearing, as some sunglasses do more harm than good. To understand this we need to know how our eyes react to sunglasses. When we wear sunglasses, it causes our pupils to dilate. Because of this it is very important to wear sunglasses with UV protection. As when our eyes dilute it brings it at greater risk to be exposed to UV rays. Harmful UV rays may cause swollen eyes, in the long term it can even lead to abnormal growth and eye cancer.

Darker sunglasses don’t provide more UV protection, as the UV protection comes from a special chemical solution that they apply on sunglasses. For this reason it important to buy sunglasses with UV protection.

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I gave up my sunglasses and sunscreen a year ago! Outdoor workers have a very low incidence of skin cancer. One theory, by light expert, Leanne Vernier, is that they are out in the early morning sun when red wavelengths are strong. The red light protects the skin from harmful UV rays.
Did you know the body cannot utilize vitamin D in supplemental form if you don't also get the natural UV rays from the sun?

good point.

also wearing sunscreen we are blocking UV rays which lead to vitamin D defitiency

And our car windows? UV blocked.


It's so sad that we now have to make conscious choices to get our daily sun! Jeez!

Right. Like so many books about "nature deficit disorder" and advising "play-based" learning.

Seems crazy to have to plan time outside and to remember to let kids play!!

ooh im going to have to google NDD- I definately have to fight to avoid it making my living on the internet

That is so true :)

Wow that is amazing! No i didn't know that, another reason to jump outside in the beautiful sun without the sunglasses and sunscreen. :D

Interesting stuff. Honestly I've never liked wearing sunglasses even on the sunniest of days. To me I love a nice sunny day, it makes me feel alive and positive and I just love the light. I've never gotten why people wanna put on sunglasses and make it look like it's a cloudy day when its really a beautiful sunny one

Yes i have the same thing :D

Oh my goodness, I would have never thought of this but it makes so much sense! I've also read great things about sungazing in the morning sun before it's too intense- have you heard anything about that?