Can we learn to understand disease from another point of view than the medical system is telling us?

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List of contents for the series:

  1. Basics to understand Health
  2. What are the causes of cancer but actually any disease?
  3. Is there such a thing like anti-cancer-diet?
  4. What is a healthy diet and is there only one for everybody?
  5. Detoxify your Body and your Environment .
  6. Understand Stress and how you can make sure it's not harming you!
  7. Spirituality, Forgiveness and Peace - to far away from the thinking of mainstream?
  8. Exercise good or bad?
  9. Nutrigenetics, Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics.
  10. Can fear keep you away from everything and specially healing of 'cancer'?
  11. How do you know you are heal(ed)?
  12. Questions for yourself and for your Oncologist!

The purpose of this blog is to convey information.
It should not be interpreted as medical advice, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure your condition, or to be a substitute for advice from your physician or other healthcare professional.
The methods and thoughts discussed in this series are intended to support health and healing, not to replace medical treatment.
Whether you choose conventional treatments, alternative treatments, or a combination of both, it is imperative that you work closely with a doctor or healthcare professional to properly diagnose and treat your condition, and to monitor your progress.

I am a german Naturopath ND and a Oncopsychotherapist since over 25 years and for some reason the truth about cancer is getting out there slower as I was hoping. Let’s see if steemit can give this knowledge a little push!


You see, the whole medical systems tries to make you believe that cancer is something totally disconnected from your lifestyle, beliefe pattern, environment, diet and stress! They want to make you believe ‘It’s not your fault!’ But it is time to change this thoughts!

Talking about cancer, most people only think of a growing tumour! But this is not the whole truth! The medical systems calls a growing tumour benign or cancer and if you bone structure shows holes after you are diagnosed with f.e. breast cancer they call this too bone cancer! If you get ulcers and huge inflammation in your stomach and they find stem cells, that’s called cancer! So what is cancer?

Now what kind of reactions is a body able to have? Well, the body can always react with a cell growth, cell minus, inflammation, water retention/oedema, with a function plus or a function minus - that’s it! It has somehow method, right!

But at the end of the day only if the doctor finds stem cell activity (cancer markers) they call it cancer.

Now, is there a reason - from a biological point of view - that stem cells should be in our body? I mean today many cosmetics claim that they got stem cells in their products! But doesn’t that mean this products are causing cancer? Good question, isn’t it? They are so proud having stem cells in their products because stem cells are able to repair tissue! Interesting!

Now I am asking you: ‘Is a cancer cell really a malignant cell-mutation - or -does a cancer cell rather have its own physiological existence in the cycle of biological life?’
Stem cells have a special name in medical terminology! It’s called Trophoblast! Did you hear that once? A women perhaps did!

Prof. Dr. John Beard (prestigious embryologist at the University of Edinburgh) published 1902 in the medical journal ‘The Lancet’ an interesting article! He wrote:
‘It is the invasion of an army. Aggressively and millions of times the cells penetrate deeper into the tissue. Enzymes that soften the environment make the path clear. Nobody stands in the way, because they are not registered as foreign or dangerous. They even bring the immune cells to help them in their march … ‘
Are we talking about a tumour? No, Prof. Dr. Beard prescribes the process of a starting baby making itself cosy in the womb for the next 9 month to grow and to develop! And with it he claims:
‘This are Trophoblast’s and are cell’s that belong naturally to the physical body!’
Now what? This was published in 1902! Why is this information not a common knowledge for everybody, you may ask!
The only reason for it is the fact that there is to much money involved in standard cancer therapy!

Now what else does a Trophoblast/Stem Cell in our body?

Job’s of the Trophoblast (Stem cell):

As you can see there are only 2 functions Formation of the Placenta and All Healing Processes! Ah, that makes sense, doesn’t it!?

Sequel follows ...

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