02. What is the cause of any disease?

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Before we can dig deeper into the cause of disease and cancer we first need to understand disease and cancer on a deeper level.
So far we know that we have cancer- or disease cells (trophoblast) when it is about repair and we have reactions! As I mentioned earlier a body can always react with a cell growth, cell minus, inflammation, water retention/oedema and with a function plus or a function minus.

Some examples will explain what I mean by that!

Cell plus
If a woman is pregnant that what she recognize very early is that her breast is tender and growing! This growth is obviously a cell plus with the biological meaning to produce milk cells for her to deliver milk when the baby is born. The tissue that’s involved are the breast glands.
To be pregnant for the biological body in the first moment is big stress and a trauma which lasts normally 3 month. The first 3 month always are very sensitive and we never know if the woman is losing the embryo.
The tissue that is involved here is the old-mesoderm and it is ruled and controlled by the cerebellum. Every Tissue that is ruled and controlled by the cerebellum has in a trauma situation a cell plus.

Cell minus and function plus
Let’s say someone has an accident with the car and stuck’s. This is a trauma and the body reacts on a biological level with a instant cell minus on the bone structure and a over function of the sweat glands with the meaning to allow this person to escape more easily! Often in many stress situations people start to sweat as biology believes this person would rather like to do something else than for example to stay in front of 100 people and give a talk.
The tissue that is involved here is the new mesoderm and is ruled by the cerebrum and always creates a cell minus first!

Everything is controlled and ruled by the brain! In evolution we developed 4 different types of brain.

Brain Stem controls Entoderm = Digestion = all structures which absorb, digest and excrete, are an expression of this principle of life! The Species of this Bacteria in this tissue are only able to absorb and excrete.
In Trauma it reacts always with cell plus to digest better.

Cerebellum controls Old-Mesoderm = Protection = all structures which serve energy absorption and protection. The Species of this Bacteria in this tissue can thicken their membrane (inner and outer skin)!
In Trauma it reacts always with cell plus to digest better.

Cerebrum controls New-Mesoderm = Movement/Strength = all structures which serve all kind of movement like bones, muscles, fascia, tendons and decrease in existential distress. The Species of this Bacteria is able to destroy tissue.
In Trauma it reacts always with cell minus. The trauma is about feeling stuck.

Cerebral Cortex controls Ectoderm = Contact = all structures which serve the social contact, thereby in times where not a lot of energy was available. To have social contact is important to get energy through what, when, how and where was the most important survival strategy. The Species of this Bacteria is able to destroy tissue.
In Trauma it reacts always with cell minus. The trauma is about feeling separated from family members, friends or support.

Now, every tissue that reacts with a cell plus in the first place, the trauma moment - will react with a cell plus or repair in the second phase when someone is out of schock and able to relax again and to repair.
And as well if it was cell minus in the first place it only can be cell plus in the second phase! If we have a function plus first it can be first a function minus until it’s going back to normal.

Does this make sense so far?

Therefore we can say the cause of cancer or any disease is the result of a Lifestyle that promotes either constant conflicts, too many toxins, not enough building blocks like minerals and protein, not enough enzymes, blockages or overwhelming situations.

To fix it it would need first to know about the situation and second to change it, right? We could say we need to change our Lifestyle if we got health problems.

Sequel follows ...

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Interesting read... I think mental stress contributes to most diseases... Also as far as cancer goes I've heard the PH of the body being to acidic can be a factor.

Hi regularguy did you read the first part of it too? It's always stress - no matter what and the body adapts to it in it's own unique way. The pH is regulated by the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve system yes. To many people think they can eliminate acidity with food - that's not 100% true! It can contribute but the stress has to be addressed!