405 TO 250 POUNDS

in #health3 years ago

It has been a while since my last post. I got a promotion at my job and responsibilities have picked up tremendously. I still wanted to give an update on my weightloss. I am still using intermittent fasting and ketogenic eating to improve my health. I cheated a little but I easily get back on the next day. I have found that if I drink alcohol, I will stall weightloss for about 5 days. For me it’s not normally worth it. I have also found that I can have just a few carbs, IF, I HAVE CARDIO in the morning. I think I will need to get more strict with my eating and exercise to get all the way to 225 pounds

Anyway, here is 405 (notice, I am as big as he bed!!!)

Here is 248 pounds (at cooking class, learning how to cook healthier!)



So sad of him