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  1. The medical industry (health care) cares about your health. In actuality the health care and medical industry care about making money for shareholders. Check the Board of Directors for the top 5 drug companies and cross reference them with the top 5 food companies, insurance companies and financial companies.

  2. We need more money to find cures. Cures are already planted in the Earth. Food is medicine. Drugs are poison, with multiple side-effects. There is no money in a cure. The money is in the lifelong drug the doctor puts you on.

  3. Salt is bad for high blood pressure. Sugar is actually MUCH MUCH worse for HBP than salt. People are not addicted to salt, but they are to SUGAR.

  4. The US Recommended food pyramid is healthiest. The food pyramid is actually much healthier flipped upside down. We should get most of our calories from healthy fats and protein, then vegetables, then fruit and LASTLY grains

  5. Fat makes you fatter. The low fat diet that governments have been pushing for the last 50 years has made counties fatter than ever before. Carbohydrates are much more fattening than fat.

  6. Eat three square meals a day with two or three small snacks. Our ancestors of 10,000 plus years ago ATE WHEN THEY COULD. Fasting was a way of life because they had to hunt or go,gather food. It was not available in a refrigerator 20 feet away. Why aren’t there fat lions, gorillas, hyenas, monkeys, gazelles, etc. They eat what is natural to them when they can get it. They spend energy to get energy.

  7. Doctors are health experts. NO... Doctors are treatment experts. They are excellent at treating symptoms instead of recreating conditions for the body to heal itself. Very few are trained in treating and correcting root causes.

  8. Diseases are a matter of bad luck or bad genes. Genes may pay some part in determining propensity or susceptibility toward a disease, but disease is largely tied to your eating habits, environment and your activity in that environment. What tends to be passed down from generation to generation is bad eating and bad habits which lead to the same bad disease great grandma, grandma and mom had.

  9. The most important hormones are testosterone and estrogen. The most significant hormones are insulin and glucagon. One signals fat storage and one signals fat usage, in oversimplified terms. Since the nu,her one determining factor of our health is what we eat, the two top hormones that signal what happens after we eat are the most important ones.

  10. XYZ disease is incurable or irreversible. The body is fearfully and wonderfully made. It fights disease ALL OF THE TIME. It wins most of the time, WHEN THE CONDITIONS ARE SET UP FIR IT TO WIN. The right conditions have everything to do with what we eat, when we eat, if we eat. For every unbalanced condition the body can experience on a molecular and cellular level, it can compensate for it and keep you alive. It has systems of entering fuel, moving it to parts of the body that need it, building, tearing down and expelling byproducts. If any one part gets over taxed, disease develops. GET THE BEST FUEL!


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