Magnesium and why it is so Wonderful. Clive de Carle explains.

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I recommend Magnesium Chloride as the least expensive type of magnesium. You can buy the flakes in bulk and make your own 'mgnesium oil' with pure water. Capsules are better than tablets generally. Avoid any manufacturers using binders, flow agents and fillers. I use Perque products and Ancient Purity products.
For good magnesium join the Secret Health Club: and go to the products page

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Hey Clive! Discovered you w/your interview w/Luke form We Are Change! Glad to see you in the Steemit community!

Clive, thank you for sharing this knowledge.

You're right correct nutrition is so important. Maca is a great source of magnesium. Check my video here

What one or two other minerals did you take to get rid of arthritis?

This is fascinating. I'm going to give it to go with Magnesium. I headed to the vitamen world right now. Thanks for the tip. I'll give an update on my vlog after a week or two on the progress.

Good one...👍

Hi Clive. seems to be password protected?

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Thanks for this information. I take a multivitamin. I wonder if I am getting enough because I have low energy levels.

which chemical form of magnesium is the best for the oil?

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