High Risk Twin Pregnancy, Stuck In Hospital :(

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Still in the hospital! Find out what's been going on and what's to come! #twinmom

I've been admitted to the childrens hospital due to pre term labour and I'm going to document my stay and every step along the way, I'm currently 29 weeks and 5 days pregnant with di/di twins. At 24 weeks I had an ultrasound done only to find out my cervix shortened to 1.4cm from 5cm. Had a follow up ultrasound with my high risk doctor and my cervix is now 0.6cm with funneling. I really hope babies can stay in 6+ weeks but who knows. Did you check out my live stream pregnancy test?! You'll find my 12 week twins ultrasound in that video. It's crazy to think i already have 5 lbs of babies in my tummy. I love comparing my belly each week. I hope you follow this journey!
This week I share with you my 29 week pregnant belly with twins, along with showing you how much they kick me. I also share what an NST non stress test is like for a twin pregnancy. I cant believe how big my belly is at 29 weeks and it's still got 5+ weeks of growing to do! I share my precious moments of Matt sleeping over and him bringing Jackson for visits to me during my hospital stay. I'll be home in no time, either still pregnant or with 2 new additions to our family.
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