In The Shadow of the Saturated Fat Hoax

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In the shadow of the greatest medical hoax of all time the medical profession has not earned our god-like faith in their abilities or wisdom. Alas, they were duped as we were. They are only guilty of unknowingly perpetrating the lie that sent tens of millions of people to an early grave believing they were put there by saturated fat and tens of millions more who have suffered and still do from the palliative drugs we are given to address the symptoms of degenerative diseases with no solutions for dealing with the root causes of those diseases beyond the standard “diet and exercise” mantra. Finally, autophagy comes along, the ability of the body to heal itself, and receives an underwhelming embrace by the medical establishment. Perhaps because of its threat to the livelihoods of people in the medical, pharmaceutical, food, and weight loss industries. Maybe.

Of course autophagy has always been there, but we didn’t even have a name for it until 1963. We still didn’t really understand the how and why until a study started in the 1990’s won a Nobel prize in physiology in 2016. 2016 is only two years ago. Did you know that according to research done by Dr. David Williams it takes the medical establishment an average of 50 years to accept major new discoveries? Not being willing to wait that long I’ve started my own research into autophagy and what promotes and supports its abilities to remove disease from the body. This autophagy ability is imbedded into every moving living creature on earth even insects all the way up to humans, but humans are the only creatures on God’s earth that do not instinctively use it to purge the body of sickness and injury. The only one. Are we too stupid or just too smart for our own good?

Giving autophagy free reign to work its magic within your body is easy and can be done by almost everyone and is completely free of cost except time to learn about it. That’s where I leave you. This is a journey of self-discovery and a lifting from ignorance. You need to answer the question for yourself: How do I supercharge autophagy within me to crush our most feared and debilitating diseases?

I have provided links below to the saturated fat hoax because I don’t expect you to believe what is not backed up with credible sources. Those sources include the Journal of the American Medical Association, the New York Times, and the National Institutes on Aging. If you are waiting for your doctor to inform you, you might have 48 more years to wait. I doubt I have enough lifespan left for them to finally accept what has been know for a few thousand years, but is new to our generation and has to be re-learned.

The hoax exposed:

Mediterranean Diet Flawed

Damage to blood vessels by sugar induced inflammation leading to heart disease:

Sugar causes High Cholesterol not saturated fat:



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Hi Chuck! I was thinking of you☺ When are you starting your new Autophagy time?

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I will start another fast as soon as our Thanksgiving leftovers are gone : ) Thanks for thinking of me. It puts me on a cloud when such a pretty girl thinks of me!!!


😁😁😁ah ah thanks!

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greatest medical hoax of all time
that's a pretty high bar.
there are other 'greatest' hoaxes revealed recently.
GoreBul Wurming , Dunbar's number (monkeysphere), etc, etc.


As a result of the saturated fat ruse, millions have died early deaths. Billions have been poured into meaningless research, and the Titanic medical establishment will keep killing for many years to come as it takes so long to effect change.