Is Your Doctor Prescribing ADHD Meds To You & Your Kids Or Just Selling Addictive Drugs?

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Anyone who has used Amphetamine for a prolonged time knows that it is a very dark drug. Those same people all dropped their mouth when they saw amphetamines being over-prescribed to children suffering "attention disorders".

Most of the pills given to kids are as strong as methamphetamine. All speed (including the pharmaceutical brand) metabolizes into dextroamphetamine once consumed. Why doesn't anybody call these drugs by their real name: speed.

Speed Renaissance

The shift in the application of amphetamines can be called a "speed renaissance. The Pharmaceutical industry wants you to see amphetamine as a safe treatment/performance booster rather than a very addictive drug.

In the United States direct marketing campaigns are used on television which depict celebrities endorsing speed medications. The pharmaceutical industry also plays a role in sponsoring conferences and research that encourages doctors to diagnose more and more people with amphetamines.

In January, Shire (pharmaceutical manufacturer) started prescribing Vyvanse as a treatment for binge eating, similar to the situation during the Cold War when "Dexedrine Diets" turned millions of women in Europe and the USA into amphetamine addicts.

The Aggressive Marketing Of Vyvanse

Shire had a very serious marketing campaign once they were allowed to prescribe Vyvanse. The drug itself is a slight modification of d-amphetamine and is a extended-release pill.

The patented ingredient is called "lisdexamfetamine". The "ph" has been replaced with "f" to try and distance the drug with amphetamines in a very sly manner.

The Lies Work

The majority of people signing up for their dose of the next-gen med Vyvanse believe that it is an entirely different drug to speed, even though it is only a slightly modified version of it.

I am not seeing a big difference between a street dealer and a legitimate doctor. Do you?

Poor people are abusing street drugs like "meth" and "speed" and their lives fall apart. Middle class citizens take "prescriptions" and "attention disorder meds" and live a life that they believe is not affected by addiction.

We cannot deny that all speed is addictive even if your doctor gives it to you.


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A doctor is in it for the money. If he can get you addicted to a drug and only treat the symptom, he will. More cash. He could cure you for $300 or treat your symptom with addictive drugs and wasteful treatments for $750,000 he will choose the later. Besides he is in bed with Pharma. Thanks @chron

Most doctors are in with Pharma, it seems they have forgotten the oath they take to value life and instead treat is as a commodity for earning more money, when they could earn respect if they do the opposite and actually treat people.

Perfect summary of doctors' practices @enjoywithtroy. Spot on!

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