Don’t Wait Standing On One Leg

in #health4 years ago (edited)

Long ago a co-worker told me that his mother’s favorite expression was, “Don’t wait standing on one leg.” That sounds like good advice, but some thirty or more years later I have decided that there are some cases in which waiting on one leg can be beneficial. In fact, I often do exactly that when I’m standing around waiting for my coffee to cook. I will stand on one foot and balance for as long as I can, and when I have to put my other foot down to keep from falling I then stand on the other foot for as long as I can. Then I keep switching from foot to foot until I’m ready to quit. Doing this even for one day (It takes about ten minutes at most for my coffee to cook) improves my ability to balance while standing still and while walking and navigating around furniture and other obstacles.

I always make sure I have a sturdy object I can grab if I start to fall. I usually stand in front of the stove and grab the oven door handle when necessary. The more I do this the more I find I don’t need any external support.

As with every post I make here, if you chose to “Try this at home” the results, good or bad, are your responsibility. I AM NOT offering advice, just information.

The foregoing is an edited copy of a post on my essentially inactive website,, so please do not flag it as plagerism. I wrote it. It's mine. And I have the right to reproduce it here or anywhere.

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