8 Benefits of Owning a Pet

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A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
Josh Billings

What is the gain of owning a dog or cat? If you can own a pet in your life you can reduce stress, get social support and a lot of benefits.

  1. Pets make your life more regularly.
    Pets are dependent on their owners for food, animal care and exercise. For example, you should take a walk your dog, feed them every day. In this way, you will have an orderly life!

  2. Pets help you make new friends.
    When you go to the park with your dog, some people will want to talk about your dog. It is a great way to meet new friends and create bonds. Even if it is not on the street, you can meet someone on the internet by spending time on pet blogs.

  3. Pets raise our morals.
    Scientific studies also support this idea. Moreover, some hospitals are organizing therapy sessions with the help of working dog in order to pull through the illness more quickly.

  4. Pets prompt us to do exercise.
    One of the best physical activities for people is pets. Especially dogs encourage children to play and exercise so prevent them from becoming overweight. People who walk with their dogs and take a fresh air will have better sleep.

  5. Pets reduce your stress level.
    As you know modern life is very stressful and perturbative and it can lead to some health problems. Previous studies have proven that pet owners tend to have lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels than people who don’t own a pet.

  6. Pets improve your immune system.
    Until a while ago, the pets were thought to cause allergies. Actually, previous studies have shown that infants living with a dog are less sick and are healthier than those who don't. Studies have shown that allergy risk also decreases.

  7. Pets prevent loneliness and give unrequited love.
    Pets are always with you, even if people are not. They give you love and friendship. They always look forward to you and they love to nestle up to you. Most of the time you can even sleep together.

  8. Pets teach kids responsibility.
    We all know that children love animals and having a pet can teach them very important skills such as cleaning, grooming and teaching game. Pets will also develop their empathy skills.

Please don't buy, adopt.

Stay tuned, to be continued!

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@cemke you are right.
I love this post. I voted you.

Thanks for support!! @cemke I love dog.

Its really a good post. I love it. Beautiful pets and beautiful post.

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Yes 🐶 dogs are awesome. With their great sense of smell they can detect Illnesses in us like abnormal sugar levels, they can detect lung cancer from our breath, they can sense when you are unhappy and will try to cheer you up.they are for me the best friend for all season.

You are right! They know everything :) thank you.


I miss my dog soooo much. She was so tuned in to me. I can I was excited, she was excited. If I was a couch potato, she was one too. She had the most amazing ability to read people. People who didn’t mean me well could not get between me and jojo. She would not be aggressive but she would just maneuver herself between them and me. Loyalty loyalty loyalty loyalty!

I cant imagine my life without my cat! I love him.
And of course i like all animals i cant categorize them. <3 =)
Thanks for your beautiful share friend.

I know you love Raki so much :) All of them are so great, you are welcome my friend!

I had one but it died about year ago. That was my loved one. I am fully agree with you. No doubt in here. Great post @cemke

I'm sorry for you, it should be very hard. Thank you for comment.

So true. But pets should live way longer. We're NEVER ready to lose them. It's just to damn hard.

It's like losing a brother or even worse.

My dog has cancer and now my fulltime job is to take care of him and be next to him as much as I can.

I love traveling. I just stop it to help my dog. He has Hemangiosarcoma and the vet told me he was only going to live 2 weeks back in december.

Guess what? He really wants to live, he's a very happy dog and he's laying on my feet as I write this reply.

We are so lucky to have them in our lives.

You are totally right. I hope your dog gets well soon.. He is very lucky because you care for him so much. Thank you for your kind comment and sharing your story.

Thank you, brother!

Greetings, Cemke

Great text. I have my dog ​​named Miya. She is the most beloved and beautiful dog in the world. The responsibility I have with her is nothing close to the benefits she brings me, like all of the ones you mentioned, as well as others.

Become a loving member of the FAMILY

Look how beautiful she is:

Thanks for the post and good morning!!!!

I'm glad you like it! She is so beautiful as mine :)

How cute !!
I love dog & cat ...
Thank you for sharing

You are welcome.

Awww.. This was adorable.. I do love All animals . Everyone should own a pet. Because they make us happy and keep us company. Wonderful blog.. Followed and upvoted

Thank you for your kind comment. I'm glad you like it.

You are right . One of my dog named "Kalu" was killed by someone when I was 9 years old that shocked me so much.I still can't forget him.

I used to have a dog. I like her very much. Yes very very much

I was her favourite at home so some times she may want to follow me to school

I cried the day a car ran over her. Unfortunately I lost DOVA - the dogs name

I celebrate and toast to all pet lovers @cemke
Good, touching and educating post!

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I like dogs in particular, they're so sensitive, nice post. .

I love this post with my life, I miss having a dog.

Nothin like a good doggo to turn your life around... resteemed!

Hi there @ cemke lovely post i agree don´t buy adopt.

I have a dog and Its the better feeling to return at home and see that face!

I have seen some people pet cats and they just right being touched by cats and eat without washing, for a long period. They contain germs but we will be invulnerable after some times.

Hi thanks for the good information. I made an account last week and will focua on IT. Let's follow together and keep in touch mate!