How Carbs Affect Our Blood Sugars

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An interesting read with lots of lovely charts. Check it out for yourself! #health #keto #carnivore #lowcarb #paleo #share2steem

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How Carbs Affect Our Blood Sugars

Have you ever wondered how carbs affect our blood sugars? Just look at all these handy charts! You'll never touch some foods again! We all know by now how sugar in food and drink raises our blood glucose, but how many of us understand how carbs in everyday foods such as bread, cereal, granola, bananas, and rice affect us too? These infographics are a real eye-opener. Because once you realise that all carbohydrates affect our blood glucose, you will understand how to make better food choices. Scroll down to see all the handy charts. How Carbs Affect Our Blood Sugars - and

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