What the Doctors are saying about COVID-19- There is a connection with 5G

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As events are unfolding and my understanding has shifted of what is really going on since I last wrote about this crisis we all find ourselves in, like many others, trying to discern the truth is very difficult. I have convened online with various key people and researching mostly Doctor’s reports of the patients they have seen. Therefore, I’d like to share what I have found with those that are receptive and are questioning what is really going on right now.

Firstly, I have come across numerous doctors who have made public announcements on Youtube about their view of what people are dying from. Dr Andrew Kaufman is one doctor below who has put his practitioners license on the line, along with his life's work, and he shares what he has observed in patients with ''COVID-19'' respiratory illness.

What doctors are reporting is that even patients with perfectly healthy lungs are suffocating, this is not a normal viral pneumonia process but something very different that they have never seen before.

Dr Kaufman explains that the picture claimed to be an isolation of COVID-19 is identical to that of an exosome, however an exosome is not a virus! According to the biological explanation of an exosome - ''Exosomes are small endosome derived lipid nanoparticles (30-100 nm in diameter), actively secreted by exocytosis in most living cells, their role is to eat toxic substances in the body.


They are nothing to do with viruses and are not contagious. Exosomes are small lipid vesicles secreted by a variety of cells. They were originally assumed to provide cells with the mean to dispose of unneeded proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids. However, exosomes are now known to play a role in intercellular communication’’

Dr Andrew Kaufman explained germ theory and vaccines which are not effective even if we believe in Germ theory since viruses are supposed to mutate and change all the time, so a vaccine won't work. Doctor Kaufman is one of many other doctors who also point out that the tests being used are faulty. RT-PCR tests were only made for testing for genetic material, not viruses. There is also no Gold Standard measurement, to test the error rate of this test. All tests should have an error rate margin, just the same as with all scientific experiments performed in a laboratory.

ER Doctor Cameron Kyle-Sidell from the ICU unit in New York City has stated that the symptoms of patients isn't that of a pneumonia virus, its that of altitude sickness, where patients are experiencing severe hypoxemia [abnormally low level of oxygen] Cameron Kyle-Sidell released several videos where he states . ''We’re treating the wrong disease, and because of this the ventilators are damaging the lungs of patients. COVID-19 lung disease, as far as I can see, is not a pneumonia and should not be treated as one. Rather, it appears as if some kind of viral-induced disease most resembling high altitude sickness. Is it as if tens of thousands of my fellow New Yorkers are on a plane at 30,000 feet at the cabin pressure is slowly being let out. These patients are slowly being starved of oxygen.''

Doctor Thomas Cowan explains the futility of using RT- PCR tests- Real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests were invented by Kary Mullis in 1984 was considered as a revolution in science. Real-time PCR, hereafter abbreviated RT PCR, is becoming a common tool for detecting and quantifying expression profiles of selected genes. Kary Mullis actually told everybody not to use these tests to test for Viruses as it does not work, they are for testing and reading genome material.

Dr Thomas Cowan explains how the Corona Virus should be tested since the flawed RT- PCR tests only test for genetic material DNA or RNA sequences that fit known genomes. The RT-PCR tests cannot detect the COVID-19 virus just as its inventor Kary Mullis stated, it was not intented to be used for this purpose. It can only use amplifiers taking a small amount of DNA and replication till it can be analysed. Any contamination in samples will also be amplified leading to flawed results of any RNA material with 40 amplifications or 60 amplifications, it becomes positive with 100 percent, they might find tiny pieces of normal corona flu RNA material but its not the elusive COVID-19 virus as there are many types of Corona virus that we already might have in our system that cause seasonal flu and colds. The RT-PCR tests
can only amplify genomes not identify viruses, which distorts the information and since we don't know how many false positives or negatives there are as we have nothing to compare it too, so it makes it look like we have an epidemic when infact all these statistics are based on flawed testing.

''RT-PCR tests amplification cycles are flawed and cannot identify a single pathogen even if you ignore the other implications. The RT-PCR is not the right way to test for a virus. Aside from that they cant detect it if they don't know what they are looking for, because what they claim to be the virus is infact an exsome.''

Dr Thomas Cowan does mention that we could be being poisoned as the RNA material we emit when we are, could be mistaken as external viral material, but there is no evidence of COVD-19 being a virus.

There isn’t even a genome recorded for COVID-19. There are even mainstream news articles discussing the unreliability of these tests. They are actually creating flawed statistics in addition to people suffering new symptoms that doctors and nurses are unable to treat as a virus, so the governments can justify enforced quarantine and vaccines for a ‘virus’ that kills less people each year than seasonal flu. Even Italian public health officials stated that patients were dying of other illnesses and diseases being corralled to come under COVID-19 after testing positive’ as cause of death.

So what is it we are dealing with here?

Someone who is experienced with Deep State corruption in my recent meetings said that COVID-19 is a global government live operation/experiment, this seems to make sense to me. Whatever it is, I am leaning towards that there is a very clear direct connection between COVID-19 and the 5G being rolled out from country to country, since in Wuhan fifteen 5G masts were installed just before people started showing this respiratory pneumonia last December 2019.

A few years ago, 240 doctors and scientists signed against 5G in Europe and 123,000 doctors, nurses, scientists and medical professionals from Physicians against 5G globally, resisted the government proposals of 5G towers and systems being launched and these experts presented documented proof and evidence to the governments and already warned the public against the effects of 5G and 6G cell phone towers. Why did the governments ignore 163,000 doctors and scientists? Their warnings cannot be dismissed as a ”conspiracy theory” by the media or by those who are too lazy to read the hard evidence that these doctors and scientists have read to self-educate.

What doctors are reporting is that oxygen is being squeezed out of the blood cells due to changes in pressures on the blood cells and those are external pressures. This could be connected to Electromagnetic Frequencies in the 5G 60-100 GigaHz range since we have never had any risk assessments or government funding into testing of the impact of 5G on human health. However, prior tests done by the Military and scientists on the detrimental effects of MGHz have concluded that such EMF frequencies cause permanent damage to human health, read my article here about the Effects of 5G on human health https://wp.me/pSSXJ-hd

While we are all in Lockdown, witnesses are seeing 5G antennas being erected all over the world, some even in schools, near children's playgrounds and they will be installing them in our hospitals too. In the US government, there has been no government sponsored research into the effects of 5G. While democracy has been suspended, as that can only happen under imposed martial law and people being put under house arrest, all news agencies and TV broadcasting stations have been ordered not to debate the possible connection between 5G and COVID-19, indicating a testimonial action that there is indeed a link that governments don't want us to know about.

The effects on humans are autoimmune problems, cytokines self-attacking the immune system and other cells, which could be why exosomes are detected and being hijacked and renamed as the virus COVID-19.

Other health effects are digestive problems, muscle fatigue, motor skill problems, inflammation of the brain, and nervous system, cancer, dizziness, nausea, headaches, internal bleeding, dry cough, respiratory problems, asthma, pneumonia, sore throat, insomnia, anxiety, depression, disrupted brainwave states and melatonin production and disrupted endocrine systems.

Natural News
have published an article explaining the effects of 5G radiation on the porosity of cell membranes, the article states 5G radiation changes the porosity of cell membranes allowing some molecules or ionic elements to move more easily across those members, displacing other molecules (or soluble gasses such as carbon dioxide) that might normally make that leap. For example, it is well documented that 5G radiation causes “Voltage Gated Ion Channels” (VGIC), specifically with calcium ions (VGCC), causing cellular toxicity due to too much calcium entering the cell walls and poisoning the cells. The research on this was published in Environmental Research

Therefore the conclusion of many doctors and health care professionals and experts that are willing to put their careers on the line to lose credibility for speaking the truth, is that the patients with Covid-19 pneumonia present an atypical form of pneumonia that is not caused by a virus but by something else that is not being acknowledged by governments or health authorities and this adds to problems with treating patients since treatment protocol should be changed, as Doctor Cameron Kyle-Sidell explained, doctors need to change the pressures and settings of the ventilators accordingly to treat the right condition, since current treatments are actually exasperating the patients syndrome as it is not a viral pneumonia

Jon Rappaport, an American journalist
reported from doctors in Italy, several doctors are asserting a very similar, or identical, situation: “Covid-19 Does Not Lead to a ‘Typical’ Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome,” by Doctors Luciano Gattinoni, Silvia Coppola, Massimo Cressoni3, Mattia Busana, Davide Chiumello:

“The patients with Covid-19 pneumonia present an atypical form of the syndrome. Indeed, the primary characteristics we are observing (confirmed by colleagues in other hospitals), is the dissociation between their relatively well preserved lung mechanics and the severity of hypoxemia [abnormally low level of oxygen]…intubation [with breathing ventilators] should be prioritized to avoid excessive intrathoracic negative pressures and self-inflicted lung injury. After considering that, all we can do ventilating these patients is ‘buying time’ with minimum additional damage: the lowest possible PEEP [a method of ventilation in which airway pressure is maintained above atmospheric pressure] and gentle ventilation. We need to be patient.”

Jon Rappaport explains that ‘"at the millimetre wave frequency of 60GHz, the absorption of oxygen is very high, with 98 percent of the transmitted energy [from 5G waves] absorbed by atmospheric oxygen. 60GHz is a very good frequency band for 5G transmissions, and b) nearly all of the 5G energy is absorbed by oxygen. So if oxygen is necessary for 5G in the atmosphere, what are the effects of 5G on the human body as waves permeate our cells?"

Rappaport recommends "the use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for patients with COVID-19 pneumonia. The technicians, MDs, and researchers involved would need to be experts, and from what I've seen, not many are. Slap-dash formulaic use of hyperbaric oxygen won't do. Harm could result. The apparatus itself is, of course, non-invasive.
Interested doctors could consult with Dr. Paul Harch "

Meanwhile, in my recently published book which came out the beginning of February this year, "Surviving Depression in a Depressing World, an Ecological Perspective", I present research on the effects of 5G on human health and mental health and explained the phenomenon of a new world that will change the course of human evolution and human society forever, I explain Elon Musk’s role in this since he is responsible for launching 46,000 5G satellites, and he runs a human brain research institute called Neurolink which has technology to imprint emotions and thoughts into the human mind and has created a sophisticated Neural Implant that will wire your body and mind to the internet with 5G and even more so with 6G. Remember that Elon Musk himself said in many public interviews ''AI is the biggest threat to humanity''. There are other companies that have also launched 5G satellites but not as many as Elon Musk, and right now Musk has also been granted permission to set up a 5G electromagnetic grid that covers every inch of the planet, consisting of 1 million 5G masts.

It appears that overnight we have woken up to this New World Order nightmare, and we have had our freedoms removed, we have been warned by the governments propaganda mainstream media agencies that we will have mandatory vaccines coming. In my previous article looking into why we need more transparency in governments and about the new Merial vaccine conglomerate, government corruption, corona virus patents and vaccines you can see who the companies are that are benefiting from this. Bill Gates’s father William Gates was the founder of Planned Parenthood which was a neutral name for a eugenics company, The British Welcome Trust, Pirbright, Glax Smith Kline, and Merk are all involved along with the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation.

Here are some other vaccine companies that are involved in this and look at their worth.

Arcturus Therapeutics $249.1 million
BioNTech $12.2 billion
CSL Behring $89.8 billion
Dynavax $293.9 million
GlaxoSmithKline $93.7 billion
Inovio Pharmaceuticals $1.2 billion
Johnson & Johnson $357.9 billion
Moderna $11.4 billion
Novavax $821.8 million
Pfizer $190.2 billion
Sanofi $112.9 billion
TranslateBio $614.1 million

With proper testing and long-term laboratory trials, vaccine testing and production is usually supposed to take seven years, however, two of these companies Moderna and Inovio have already started trials on human volunteers, doesn't that seem a bit strange to the medical experts?

According to new legislation being created (under suspended parliament, and under suspended democracy), if you don’t have a vaccine, you will not be permitted to travel, in the UK they are looking to create passports that show you are immune to COVID-19 (whatever, it is as, it clearly isn’t a virus according to many doctors and health experts who have witnessed patients dying from the symptoms), you will need to show you are immunised before you can return to work. In Spain, which is the second worst hit country, where I am currently residing, the Spanish government are starting to launch a Universal Basic Income, to save the Economy, although some think this is a positive move and in this situation it is, the problem is that debt and people losing jobs and their companies is forcing people to depend even more on the State, including UBI systems even though they prevent debt, again, less freedoms for ourselves.

We are being encouraged to socially distance ourselves and in my view after reviewing all what the experts say, there are other reasons for this, perhaps its to discourage social resistance and reorganisation to overthrow governments that are acting in a fascist way, or is it to also discourage spiritual mass prayer and worship which can have a healing effect on stress and fear that the media and governments are creating, or will mass public gatherings continue to be banned as being proposed, because they are concerned about our well being or is it because its harder to track individuals with current satellite surveillance technology unless we are all within two meters distance from one another?

These are not conspiracies, these are new policies being published in current news and rolled out by governments according to draconian orders from deep state while democracy has been suspended.

Try to be more discerning when reading mainstream news, because mainstream media is just a propaganda machine, that's right, you can find this out for yourself on the internet. Just google the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act - In 2012, the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act - In 2012the US government revived an act from World War II, to film and broadcast fabricated propaganda news to an international audience. The US Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 (Public Law 80-402), popularly referred to it as the Smith–Mundt Act, specifies the terms in which the United States government can engage global audiences, also known as propaganda. Its not just the US doing this, it’s the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. So try instead to listen to the Doctors and Health Authorities who are witnesses to the patients that they are treating and seeing die from this sickness as a result of its misdiagnosis. There have been many criminal violations against humanity as a result via government and the media used as a tool to create the largest misjustice of lies and manipulation being carried out in human history.

What can you do about all of this?

Some solutions to explore-

1- Strengthen your virtual communities of friends and family if you cannot strengthen physical ones, create online zoom meetings off record preferably, or Meet or on the phone- and share information from Doctors and healthcare advisers that are speaking out about what is really going on in your network, explore and share information, share your humanity, emotions, assimilate, explore possibilities, options, strategies, collaborations and spiritual connection is very important, cultivate/ reinforce your spiritual world, we will need it more than ever with all that comes forth from here.

2-Look at ways to survive possible Economic collapse. Create a virtual and possibly physical community, grow your own food, share food, share everything, as we need to support each other through economic collapse. Look into community Lets Scheme and similar ideas.

3-Learn about and use Sovereign Law and Ultra Vires can be used with
Natural Law -In the police act there can be citizens arrest of police

For example in the current situation of 5G masts being illegally installed without prior public consultation- Police are not arresting the companies and people who are installing the 5G masts, therefore they are failing to protect the public aside from the harmful health impacts that experts have already demonstrated, and which is going on during suspended parliament under draconian rules.

The people created governments to serve and protect the people, the same with the police, its not the people serving the governments as it currently has been inverted to be the case. With Natural Law and Ultra Vires Law we can demand governments operate within the principles that they were originally set up for and we can audit corruption at these deeper levels, but we have to take organised action to do this, which is why I encourage underground cafes and meetings to implement this on an official active level, there are actually police and officials out there that are aware of these issues and its their choice to support Ultra Vires or continue to be a part of this mass deception.

In 1974 extensive military and science volumes on experiments on the effects of EMF frequencies in the Mhz ranges already learn how negatively those frequencies impact human health, let alone the hundreds of lab animals they tested on, the research is included in my recent book, and article I published a year ago

4-Find anti-vaccine doctors in your area to sign a legal document you can use to present your case if anyone tries to force vaccines on you

5- Lobby governments against ID2020 a vaccine tattoo with nanoparticles and microchips, created by Bill Gates

6- Hone and develop your inner spiritual abilities, we need to with what is ahead of humanity, if we want to come out of the darkness. ''I do not live in fear, I live in love'', stay in your heart and meditate on the heart whenever you feel fear and stress

7-Stay well informed and discern programmed media propaganda from genuine independent media with a broad range of scientific references, be wary of astroturfed journals sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.

8- Create a list of doctors in your area that are aware of the harmful effects of vaccines, and for those that are resistant remind them of the historic win that Robery F Kennedy Junior Won Against Government For Vaccine Safety Violations 2018.
Share Vaccine Awareness News as much as possible as its soon to be banned from all social media, as free speech has become a thing of the past on Facebook, there are Vaccine awareness groups that share [Vaccine Recovery Tips] (https://cafecitobreak.org/2017/09/vaccine-awareness-injuries-and-hazards-sallie-o-elkordy/) .

Question: how do you get Scientific Certificates for Vaccine Exemptions, I didn't see it?

Answer from Judge Alfred Lambremont Webre : Just as the Findings of Fact & Law of the Natural and Common Tribunal for Public Health and Justice apply to all natural persons on Earth, so the Scientific Certificates for Vaccine Exemption apply to and can be used by any natural person under natural and Common law for Vaccine Exemption

Use the template given in this article to create a Vaccine Awareness Certificate and get a local Vaccine Awarness Doctor to sign it for you

9- Take care of one another-We must keep an eye on and help the elderly and also those who are suffering from mental illnesses such as depression and bipolar, support these people in your community. Keep showing your humanity and stay connected with everyone you love, listen to the inner voice and treat this as a warning sign to find your place on the planet before we are unable to travel for good. They encourage Social Distancing, so we must reinforce Social Strengthening as much as possible, in whatever way we can online or via telephone and so on.

10- Share alternative therapies and health tips on how to augment and boost the Immune system, whether it is a virus or EMF radiation both weaken the immune system to actual pathogens and real viruses, taking Spirulina, Ashwagandha, 1000 mgs of Vitamin C, Moringa, Boron, Apple Cider Vinegar, Zinc and Magnesium, all help protect and support your immune system.

by Carlita Shaw

Author of
The Silent Ecocide, the Environmental Crisis is a Crisis of Human Consciousness

Surviving Depression in a Depressing World, an Ecological Perspective

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This article got shared from my other blog evolvtoecology.org and I only just discovered that about 460 people read my last article on the connection between 5G and Corona Virus, not including 79 shares of it on social media, Thanks so much for sharing that article, it gives me hope people are waking up and want questions answered https://phibetaiota.net/2020/04/andrew-haufman-md-ny-on-5g-virus-oxygen-treason/

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