Robbed of Health & Parents in Debt: Brensen's VACCINE INJURY Story (Crippling Eczema)

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Robert and Victoria want to share their story because whenever people think about Vaccine Injury, they are thinking of Autism. In their son's case it was a SKIN DISEASE - an autoimmune attack on his skin.

                                         PLEASE WATCH this clip below:

When Brensen was born in 2008, he had a normal life until 2 months of age at his round of 5 shots.
By that very night he was completely not himself.
She could not put him down,
she could not stop nursing him,
he was uncomfortable,
he would grunt,
he had stomach issues,
his bowel movements were explosive, green, frothy, painful.
Her immediate thought was that he was reacting to the vaccines.

Within days he broke out with the most horrible cradle cap;
it was oozing,
with his hair falling out.
Then he broke out all over his body.
Doctors dismissed their concerns, and only offered steroid cream.

Soon it looked like he was a burn victim, people were scared of him out in public.

Mainstream medicine could not help.
So the parents went into tremendous debt trying treatments and special diets.
They finally healed him.
But in the meantime,
they were all alone,
nobody believed them,
it was a lonely, dark road.

COME ON PEOPLE! Stories of Vaccine Injury are all too common! I have several personal friends who have told me how horribly their child reacted to vaccines. Why don't we believe these stories when thousands of parents are all telling similar tales?


There is nothing for them to gain by telling their story other than to try and save other children and people from a similar fate.
They receive hate from telling their stories.
They are told that they are trying to harm children.
They are told they are lying or that it was all coincidence.
Doctors refuse to treat them.
They are BULLIED! The bullying has to stop, people! This is unacceptable!

No one wants to see a child suffer. But why does the public only acknowledge suffering if it is from a "vaccine-preventable" disease but not when it is from the vaccine itself??
Surely with all the advances in medicine there should be a better way than this??
But how can the health-care system improve when we keep SILENCING those that it is harming and shut down the conversation and silence their stories?

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How was Brensen healed?


They say in the video that how they healed him would be a whole other video. I will do some searching to see if they have shared the details anywhere online. She gives a few hints in the video about how they had to heal his gut, etc. Thanks for your inquiry!


Possibly they used the Gut and Psychology Syndrome protocol. I've just started posting some nutrition articles and will get to that in due course. But I can move it up the list if people are waiting for the info. Keep spreading the truth, Linda.


Thanks @kiwideb . I'm glad there are people like you that can help in recovering vaccine injured children. I'm fortunate enough to not have vaccinated my children so I don't have to personally worry about that. I will happily read through your Gut Healing articles once they are posted.


I see this frequently in my child patients. It often starts after the first round of vaccinations. Then it is suppressed with steroids and usually disappears and asthma appears. If this is successfully suppressed with steroids further we usually see mental health problems & some severe behaviour problems. Here's a case study illustration of what I'm seeing frequently and why I think it happens.
During homeopathic treatment we have to move back through the asthma [mental health and behaviour improve, asthma returns], resolve the asthma to the point where the parent can safely withdraw the steroid meds [this is the parent and doctor's business, not mine], then as the asthma gets better the eczema resurfaces. It's a lengthy battle sometimes to get through the asthma stage because steroids antidote homeopathy. It is very doable though. I've taken many patients through this stage. However, the most difficult stage for parents and children is getting through the eczema without returning to steroid creams. The case I describe above has been right back to the beginning once because of slapping on the hydrocortisone. It took another 8 months to get back to where we had been. His eczema was not a particularly severe case, but different people have different levels of patience and tolerance. Some of the eczema cases I've treated had VERY severe eczema and we've had to work with some steroid cream gradually diluted out with base cream until it improves enough to manage without. Then detoxing the steroids will often finish the treatment and leave the child clear of eczema. It is SO much easier to treat the eczema than to meet the child a few years down the line with full blown anxiety, autism or psychosis.


I usually work simultaneously on gut repair with homeopathy. Eczema definitely has a relationship to gut health ... gut it is usually triggered by medication/vaccines.