Robbed of Health & Parents in Debt: Brensen's VACCINE INJURY Story (Crippling Eczema)

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Robert and Victoria want to share their story because whenever people think about Vaccine Injury, they are thinking of Autism. In their son's case it was a SKIN DISEASE - an autoimmune attack on his skin.

                                         PLEASE WATCH this clip below:

When Brensen was born in 2008, he had a normal life until 2 months of age at his round of 5 shots.
By that very night he was completely not himself.
She could not put him down,
she could not stop nursing him,
he was uncomfortable,
he would grunt,
he had stomach issues,
his bowel movements were explosive, green, frothy, painful.
Her immediate thought was that he was reacting to the vaccines.

Within days he broke out with the most horrible cradle cap;
it was oozing,
with his hair falling out.
Then he broke out all over his body.
Doctors dismissed their concerns, and only offered steroid cream.

Soon it looked like he was a burn victim, people were scared of him out in public.

Mainstream medicine could not help.
So the parents went into tremendous debt trying treatments and special diets.
They finally healed him.
But in the meantime,
they were all alone,
nobody believed them,
it was a lonely, dark road.

COME ON PEOPLE! Stories of Vaccine Injury are all too common! I have several personal friends who have told me how horribly their child reacted to vaccines. Why don't we believe these stories when thousands of parents are all telling similar tales?


There is nothing for them to gain by telling their story other than to try and save other children and people from a similar fate.
They receive hate from telling their stories.
They are told that they are trying to harm children.
They are told they are lying or that it was all coincidence.
Doctors refuse to treat them.
They are BULLIED! The bullying has to stop, people! This is unacceptable!

No one wants to see a child suffer. But why does the public only acknowledge suffering if it is from a "vaccine-preventable" disease but not when it is from the vaccine itself??
Surely with all the advances in medicine there should be a better way than this??
But how can the health-care system improve when we keep SILENCING those that it is harming and shut down the conversation and silence their stories?

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How was Brensen healed?


They say in the video that how they healed him would be a whole other video. I will do some searching to see if they have shared the details anywhere online. She gives a few hints in the video about how they had to heal his gut, etc. Thanks for your inquiry!


Possibly they used the Gut and Psychology Syndrome protocol. I've just started posting some nutrition articles and will get to that in due course. But I can move it up the list if people are waiting for the info. Keep spreading the truth, Linda.


Thanks @kiwideb . I'm glad there are people like you that can help in recovering vaccine injured children. I'm fortunate enough to not have vaccinated my children so I don't have to personally worry about that. I will happily read through your Gut Healing articles once they are posted.


I see this frequently in my child patients. It often starts after the first round of vaccinations. Then it is suppressed with steroids and usually disappears and asthma appears. If this is successfully suppressed with steroids further we usually see mental health problems & some severe behaviour problems. Here's a case study illustration of what I'm seeing frequently and why I think it happens.
During homeopathic treatment we have to move back through the asthma [mental health and behaviour improve, asthma returns], resolve the asthma to the point where the parent can safely withdraw the steroid meds [this is the parent and doctor's business, not mine], then as the asthma gets better the eczema resurfaces. It's a lengthy battle sometimes to get through the asthma stage because steroids antidote homeopathy. It is very doable though. I've taken many patients through this stage. However, the most difficult stage for parents and children is getting through the eczema without returning to steroid creams. The case I describe above has been right back to the beginning once because of slapping on the hydrocortisone. It took another 8 months to get back to where we had been. His eczema was not a particularly severe case, but different people have different levels of patience and tolerance. Some of the eczema cases I've treated had VERY severe eczema and we've had to work with some steroid cream gradually diluted out with base cream until it improves enough to manage without. Then detoxing the steroids will often finish the treatment and leave the child clear of eczema. It is SO much easier to treat the eczema than to meet the child a few years down the line with full blown anxiety, autism or psychosis.


I usually work simultaneously on gut repair with homeopathy. Eczema definitely has a relationship to gut health ... gut it is usually triggered by medication/vaccines.

There are so many articles explaining how there is no relationship between autism and vaccines. I guess that your response will be that there is a "mainstream media" or some other iluminati-like group behind trying to hide the "truth" so I won't bother to post the mountain of links here.

Andrew Wakefield, "...the doctor at the centre of the MMR scare, has been struck off the medical register after being found guilty of serious professional misconduct." (1)

“Vaxxed” never mentions that the movie’s director and main on-camera “expert,” Andrew Wakefield, is a former gastroenterologist and researcher whose license to practice medicine in Britain was taken away in 2010. Neither does it say that the original 1998 study (of a mere 12 patients) suggesting a link between the combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and autism was later retracted by the journal that published it, which went on to accuse Wakefield of scientific fraud. Or that all of the study’s authors, save Wakefield, have subsequently disavowed its findings. (2)

Present more facts about the situation rather than appealing to our emotions. Vaccines do much more good for humanity than it does harm. There is no proven link between vaccines and autism, so please give up on that one as many anti-vaccine proponents already have. If you keep holding on to that you are only discrediting yourself.

As far as the rash on this child is concerned, it may very well be the case that his body reacted to the vaccine and he developed some sort of skin reaction. It's not clear what exactly he has from the pictures, but eczema and cradle cap are not very well understood as to what causes them, so it is hard to say definitively what caused them in this case. (if it even is either of those).

However, the amount of good done with vaccines outweighs the damage done.

Measles, Mumps, Rubella

Measles is the most serious of the three diseases. It is a highly infectious illness spread by droplets from the nose and mouth.

Common symptoms include: fever, rash, loss of appetite, tiredness, cough, runny nose, painful red eyes, ear infections, diarrhoea. Children who get measles usually have to spend about 5 days in bed and have 10–14 days off school, if there are no serious complications.

Serious complications include: pneumonia, fever induced convulsions or fits, inflammation of the brain (encephalitis). Children may be hospitalised. A rare late complication of measles is subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE), which causes progressive brain damage and is always fatal. (3)

You proudly state you didn't vaccinate your children

"If all but one of the children at a school are vaccinated and someone with measles comes by to drop off a package, the likelihood that the carrier would encounter someone susceptible would be low," Willis said.

"Whereas if half of the children are unvaccinated, it's much more likely the disease would be transmitted to someone who would become ill and transfer it to someone else, and soon you have a full outbreak of the disease."

In Marin county, California, a very affluent part of the country, there are a lot of families that have refrained from vaccinating their children. (statistics for various school districts are in the article). In 2016 the rates have reversed and more children are getting vaccines. It would appear that this would coincide with those parents and physicians that were suggesting there might be a link with autism have declined. Also it would possibly be due to a backlash from the outbreak of measles in 2015 that could be attributed to the reduced vaccination rates in California. Not data as to why they are getting their children vaccinated again, but it stands to reason that it might be these two factors of education about the link to autism and that the herd vaccination concept actually works. (the parts that look like opinion are my opinion, of course). My point is that even those that wanted to believe in the link saw that it might have been a bad idea and that they were lied to, so they changed their opinion. Perhaps it would be a good idea for other anti-vaccine people reconsider their positions?

If you @canadian-coconut want to suggest that modern medicine has issues of various sorts, I'm with you there. We can find all sorts of issues that need correction. However, if you are going to double-down on the link between vaccines and autism, you are doing everyone a disservice. We all should be trying to improve the understanding of disease and how to prevent and cure it. To get taken off course by the autism red herring is a complete shame.

Yes, I know you are mentioning a skin disease, but you clearly still want to link autism and vaccines which discredits your commentary. I just want to let everyone know that this is old and discredited so we can focus on what really matters.

Oh, and the gut diet mentioned in the comments?

I need to write a complete post on that quackery... but anyway here real quick...

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride got a medical degree in 1984 from the Bashkir Medical University in Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, when it was part of the USSR.

Together with her husband Peter Campbell-McBride (born in March 1947) Dr. Natasha runs a multi-million dollar dietary supplements empire and claims to be able to successfully treat Schizophrenia, Dyslexia, ADHD, Depression, Autism and many other serious mental and physical health issues. As most ambitious scammers do, they went for the big bucks and took things multi-level through an army of affiliate resellers: Natasha trains them from home by videoconferencing for a fee of $1175 per participant, where she evangelises her “Gut And Psychology Syndrome” theory (5)

This is a long comment that I'm sure won't get enough upvotes to warrant me continuing, so I hope my point was made.







I could go into a long answer to some of the points you brought up here, and I may later (I just woke up).
But for now I will just say that I PERSONALLY, in real life (not virtual life) have heard many stories right from the mouth of parents about how vaccines have harmed their child. Just recently a mother that I barely knew overhead me talking about vaccines to a friend and came over and interjected that "They can't tell you that vaccines don't cause autism when you saw it with your own eyes." She had personally witnessed her child have reactions and become autistic after a vaccine -- the doctors said it wasn't so -- but a mother KNOWS HER OWN CHILD. Was she a liar? Was she delusional? Are all my other real-life friends liars or delusional and really had no idea that there children were already sick before the day they were vaccinated?
I could quote scientific studies to you and share ideas on how and why there is a conspiracy to cover this up .... BUT for now I will just say that I BELIEVE THE PARENTS. It's really that simple.
Thank-you for your thought-out response to my article though. I believe that you care about children too, just as I do, and just as all these parents telling their stories do.
My point with these articles is to show people that vaccine injury stories are very common and that we should no longer ignore the parents or victims.


Thanks for your measured and calm reply. It is extremely easy to get riled up when someone doesn't hold our views. So thanks for that.

The idea of the anecdote is interesting. You have experienced people within your circle of friends and acquaintances saying to you various things about autism and vaccines. I have not heard people saying anything about that within my circles. So who are we as a society to believe? Your stories or mine?

We tend to have friends of similar values. I can assume that you have more friends that think there is a link, so naturally they will either have a story or be willing to bring up a story ( more anecdotes ) about a link.

This is no way to prove something and have a meaningful conversation about actual causal factors. If we want to have a discussion about how doctors seemingly don't listen to parents and their concerns or how they can misdiagnose, or that the system of medicine isn't perfect, then we are on the same page. My contention is that we absolutely must educate ourselves on the process of having a meaningful discussion and to keep each other in check when we use arguments that are faulty.

I absolutely want the most accurate knowledge in regards to health to be promoted and to that end I will readily change my views to what the evidence shows. The evidence clearly shows that there is no link to autism and vaccines. Just because a parent says "I had my child get the shots and all of a sudden they are autistic" doesn't prove a link for many reasons.

One could point to any number of various things and suggest there is a cause effect relationship, would you take someone seriously if they said "I gave my child a pacifier and a day later they became autisitic"? While obviously a shot seems like it is more invasive and thus more likely to do harm since it's injecting something foreign in to the body, the fact remains that to assume that just because action X caused result Y because they were closely timed isn't evidence that X caused Y.

It might be, but if you are taking anecdotes as evidence, then one is making a grave error. By the same token one could say "My child got bit by a mosquito, therefore the rash he got on his bottom the next day was caused by the mosquito bite". We all know that is not the usual result of a mosquito bite, so we laugh that off, but the idea is the same. It doesn't necessarily follow that the bite caused the rash. It might have, but without a plausible reason and other instances to help solidify the evidence we are doing nothing more than guessing which is a danger for everyone.

Sorry for my verbose responses.

I'll just leave my points at these:

Be careful of alternative medicine and all medicine. There are risks and benefits, be aware of them.

Be careful when someone is pushing something and they have a financial investment in that thing. That goes again for alternative and the traditional medical disciplines.

Absolutely listen to the parents, they know their child better than anyone, but parents are as susceptible to their bias as anyone else if not more so. You know what it's like to go to a website and look up your various symptoms then think that you have every disease in the world! For a parent with a child that is sick it becomes even worse. Especially when the child can't speak for themselves. You become desperate and grasp at anything that might help. Having loved ones of my own with terminal disease where modern medicine had no hope of curing them, other family members turned to charlatans hoping for miracle cures.

This is the major problem I have. With people that prey on the desperate. They will promise miracle cures because there is a huge financial incentive for them to do so. We in the medical field know how hard it can be on us mentally. If we could make a good living and not have to live in such stress, many of us would and do. So, very often when I see a physician or someone that either used to be or wanted to be, selling snake oil to hapless desperate sick people, I see a detestable human being (not in all cases it should go without saying).

Sorry for going off on a tangent. So much to do today and I wanted to give you some sort of response before I got back to my non-virtual life.

Be well and be careful out there. Keep advocating for the parents and children, they need people like you. All I ask is that you be careful of the source of the "help" and to not get caught up in the agenda of those that are not doing it in our best interest. Vaxxed ( Andrew Wakefield ), and Natasha Campbell-McBride are merely two of the dangerous peddlers of snake oil out there trying to make money off of those that are upset with the admittedly imperfect medical system.

Take care.


I could quote scientific studies to you and share ideas on how and why there is a conspiracy to cover this up

That won't be necessary. I have already tried to find valid information in support of the link to no avail. And I am not in to conspiracy theory. The conspiracy theory excuse is used at every opportunity and has lost nearly all of its merit with me. Of course there are valid conspiracies of different types and degrees, but if there is enough evidence it will shine through well enough that a conspiracy won't be able to cover everything up.

Just the facts.