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Fruit of the mango
Mango tree is happiest in tropical countries with a humid climate, because the main suppliers are India, Thailand, Pakistan,Spain, Mexico and Guatemala. It is also called"Asian Apple". The annual export of this fruit is more than 20 million tons. Of the 300 varieties of mango cultivated about 35, from that on the counter you can find green, yellow, purple or black fruit. Because of the diversity of painting, the difficulty arises with the determination of the ripeness of the fruit, but in this sense it is better to rely on smell and tactile sensations of a ripe fruit smell is full bodied, but the fruit itself is elastic to the touch. By the way, the mango can ripen during storage if they are to be warm, dry and dark place.

Mango composition
In addition to rich flavor, mango fruits are abundant in vitamins such as A, B, C, D and E , as well as a variety of sugars — from sucrose, xylose and glucose to fructose and maltose. In addition, its composition includes essential amino acids, which the human body does not produce itself, but needs them. Already by the color of mango pulp it can be understood that it is rich in carotenoids, the content of which is 5 times higher than their number in tangerines..Also in this fruit a lot of iron, calcium and phosphorus.

About the benefits of mango.
Traditional Indian medicine uses mango in the treatment of many ailments. It is believed that the nutrients in the mango serve as the prevention of cancer, for the most part, the genitourinary sphere.
The natural antioxidants represented in this fruit by b vitamins, ascorbic acid and carotenes strengthen the immune system and inhibit the oxidation processes in the cells, thus slowing their aging. In addition, carotene itself is known for its beneficial effects on the organs of vision and can be used to combat chicken blindness.
Mango is also attributed to the properties of antidepressant, as it is noted that after its use a person improves mood, there is a decrease in nervous tension. This product has established itself as a good aphrodisiac.
Untreated fruits are used in the fight against intestinal disorders such as diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, dysentery and chronic dyspepsia. In these purposes it is well to combine the honey and salt. And here is replacing the where sea salt on pepper we get already a means to combat stagnation bile.

Than can be harmful mango?
Mango peel-a strong allergen, despite the fact that the flesh is absolutely hypoallergenic, so that in the manifestations of allergies can not give up this fruit, if during cleaning gloves.
It is not necessary to abuse the unripe fruits of mango — their fibers are much rougher than in ripe fruits, and because they can provoke colic and irritation of the mucous membranes of the stomach and lungs.
Eating ripe fruit is also you should not overdo it: used in large quantities they lead to constipation, blockage of the stomach, urticaria and fever.

Mango for weight loss
Not so long ago, there was a new "mango-milk" diet, which in the shortest possible time has established itself as a very effective weight loss and harmless to health. Her secret is that mango is rich in sugars, but does not contain proteins ,and milk is just the opposite. Thus, combining these products, we get a full and balanced, but low-calorie diet.
This diet is not difficult — just in your daily menu you need to introduce a very ripe mango fruit and drink it with milk. These products must necessarily be in the proportion of 300-400 g of mango to 400-500 ml of milk. Of course, for the effect to be better, it is necessary to exclude from the diet all high-calorie products, limit the consumption of sweets, pastries and fried.

Mango during pregnancy
Due to its richness of nutrients and mild effects on the body, mango is considered a desirable product in the menu of a pregnant woman. As mentioned above, mango improves mood, and given its instability in women during pregnancy, this fruit is simply irreplaceable. Even more mood and well-being of the future mother improves that with the appearance of mango in the diet, she forgets about toxicosis, heartburn and constipation. Almost impossible during pregnancy to avoid such a disease as anemia, but the iron contained in mango can easily tackle. The most important in this list of nutrients is vitamin a — it prevents the pathology of the fetus, activates the functions of the placenta, improves fetal growth and activates metabolism, a positive effect on the cardiovascular system of the pregnant woman. At the same time, vitamin C protects the body's immune system and helps it cope with harmful bacteria and viruses.


mango has this natural sweetness,and it is very good for the body,but i dont know its really good for weight loss. i love that!!!!

Very nice article. Full of great information. I love mangos. I like their texture. Spongey and kind of elastic. Have you ever heard of mangosteen?

Oh no, never, what is it?

It's an Asian fruit that grows on a tree. It is apparently very good for you. It used to be in a drink that I bought called Vemma. I was just curious if you had ever heard of it? But I guess not. You should look into it.

i relly love the mangos. I'm from Venezuela and i can tell you, here we have the best mangos

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