Five ways to promote your immunity - by @dcrypto

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Who doesn’t want a better immune system? As far as I am concerned, seeking to stimulate your immunity is the better way to start a healthy lifestyle. Being human beings we struggle with distinct diseases that can be avoided if we take some necessary things into consideration. Take this tips into account and forget about getting sick.

The immune system, which consists of tissues, cells and organs, safeguard our entire body against several deceases, which is why learning about immune system is requisite. This system recognizes and fights with the various harmful agents such as a virus, bacteria and so on. Therefore, in order to acquire a healthy body, you need to take care of your immune system. If you fail to promote your immunity, you may get unwanted deceases often.

Add more good bacteria into your diet

Good bacteria comes from fermentation. This good bacteria is essential to maintain a healthy gut. Since our immune system is located in our gut that also contains an enormous amount of bacteria, you need to include a significant amount of probiotics into your diet. In case if you are wondering where I can get more probiotics, then eat a good amount of quality curd/ yoghurt. You can get fermented foods anywhere but make sure that they are healthy.

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Exercise must be a part of your life

Since we are human beings who are designed to move, we should certainly consider exercising. This is important because when you are moving, you are most likely moving your limb, which actually moves toxins. Therefore, exercise helps improve your immune system way better than anything. Exercising also stimulates good hormones in your body which help to promote your immune system. So, don’t forget to move every day and give a kick start to your immune system.

Get an amazing medicine to cure and heal, which is quality sleep

I can’t emphasize how important it is to get a quality sleep every single day. Since we are in a competitive world, we could not able to sleep properly for a significant amount of time. Sleep is an amazing medicine to recover our health, so get sufficient sleep every day.

Eat healthy. Eliminate sugar, and alcohol

Eat organic fruits and vegetables while eliminating sugar and alcohol. Eliminating alcohol and sugar is the best gift you can give to your system. Make sure that you take the recommended quantity of sugar in your diet.

Expose yourself to sunshine and fresh air

Expose yourself to these things are essential to get a great immune system. Go for a walk in fresh air and sunshine. This way can get amazing benefits of sunshine while reducing your stress levels, which is a key to improve your immune system.

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Great information! so useful in these cold days! Thanks for sharing upvoted an resteemed!

Five mighty good ways. Nice one.

I feel great as I am implementing what you suggested after retirement. Thanks!

U have made it simpler and easier for every age group. This is the best and easy justice we can do to our body. I love the way u totally discarded sugar from one's diet, its basic and evil root to many diseases. Great write up

This is mind blowing
5 amazing ways to promote your immunity.
But it will be very difficult for one to abstain from sugar and alcohol.

I also think that the simplest ways are the best. But what we need is self-discipline.

This information will be very useful when you are having the coldest days of winter. I do most of the time, I do not get to sleep one early. Thank's for the information.

ohh cute little baby God plzz always giving the best health to all of us keep sharing man thanx for awareness😍😍

This very nice post i appreciate your healthy thanks for sharing this post.. carry on..

똑같이 배우자.

Very informative!.... I love it... Thanks a lot! @brightideas

I agree! The Immune system is vital to a healthy lifestyle!

useful information,we are perfect human beings, from the first we are born god has prepared us very well, depending on ourselves how to care for it including the immune system. I strongly agree with your last paragraph that says that to introduce our body to the sun especially the morning sun because it is very good for our health.

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Sauerkraut is also a great way to boost the good bacteria and a little flavour kick to an otherwise boring salad! Store bought is okay but making your own with organic vegetable will be way healthier and actually kind of fun!

I am glad that you put the bacteria in the gut first! I read a lot about bacterial flora and there are many studies that show how big is the impact of bacterial flora on our health, especially when we talk about diseases of modern civilization, such as allergies and obesity.

Very good points. The things that we can do to boost immunity and stay healthy are often the simple things. I feel that a lot of people don't want the simple things...they want a magic pill that will allow for good health but still allow for bad habits. Unfortunately this is not realistic.

Good food, sleep, exercise, and fresh air will go a long way to giving you a strong immune system!

Great post.

I would add that 80-90% of the immune system is in the gut.
So, pro and prebiotics are a must!