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Establishing a Training Regimen: Advice for Fitness Enthusiasts and Novices Alike

Many people are focused on improving their fitness and exercising, however all but a touch of them have a very good fitness routine established to follow so that they can adhere more readily. In the event you, like others (and yes like me in the past), are struggling with this, it might be extremely difficult to obtain effective results. 

It's my belief that it's paramount that we all start using a customized workout if we are wanting to increase the results being sought. 

Below are some of my suggestions that will help make the foundation for anyone o go forward - whether  you are a layperson or pro returning to the game. 


Be aware of and in touch with of Your Body's Signals

The majority of people begin with an agenda in mind and fail to concentrate on what themselves, their own bodies have to say. It will make little sense to blindly or unquestioningly follow someone else's plan or routine, because it might not be suited to your body's distinct abilities and desires. While knowing your bodies limits is quite an advanced technique that can take years, being aware of this important factor at the outset can have enormous implications on both short term and long term success.

Begin by looking at how your body reacts to particular movements. Assuming that you just can't suddenly smash out a few barbell bench presses as a result of shoulder joint pains for example, then you should consider all the alternatives - personally I alternate to dumbells when my shoulder hurts. When you know that the dumbbell press is definitely a better option for you, then surely you wouldn't go ahead and do the barbell bench press. It makes no sense to do so just because the big guy at the end of the gym is doing it. Now as opposed to following their lead, you could perform dumbell chest presses and other similar exercises and movements that could be simpler for you to carry out - without experiencing and paying later for the eccentric movements which so often result in sustained the joint pain.


Intensify Your Routine - Quality over Quantity

You ought to be looking to target intensity when it comes to your fitness routine. It's near impossible to think that just going to the gym will produce quick or meaningful results short term, so my advice would be to up intensity - but only within your limits. Intensity is widely acknowledged as the most essential component of achieving the goals that so many fitness enthusiast desire. The truth is, it is actually a common thread between all fitness goals and success. 

Doing fewer repetitions of any much heavier weight is way more intense than doing a lot more repetitions with a light-weight. This will likely have better results for many meanwhile reducing the overall volume of work you're doing. I'm a touch lazy so the fact I can get out of the gym sooner - also is extra incentive and minimizes overtraining in my middle age.


Focus On Your Frequency and Timing

A frequent error in terms of training is misjudging the relevance of times spent going to the gym, time spent at the gym and say between exercises and sets and reps of those exercises. So precisely what does it mean to make some of these timing mistakes? Well say for instance somebody gets to the gym twice a day for absolutely no other reason than thinking they are doing good by just being there more often. Purposeless workouts only tire you without yielding any tangible benefits - this behavior - i.e. going in blind, will surely run you into overtraining faster and have you injuring yourself or giving up in no time flat as a result. There are lots of self-professed fitness gurus who recommend this in the glossy mags, but many of them consume inordinate amounts of expensive supplements which help them recover quickly. There are also some those who have far from typical genetics which provide them the opportunity to withstand such grueling workouts. An average individual lacks this particular capability, and there is absolutely no need for you you attempt this sort of fitness plan at the outset. Just last week, I saw a story on the television where a guy, a champion athlete, was gifted from an early age with incredible endurance because of superior genetics where he didn't suffer lactic acid burns which limits so many of us in a gym. One should always assume they are not on the lucky side as this fellow was.

Look to do less volume, yet heavier lifts in an anatomically correct fashion thereby saving time while investing in more key effort.


End remarks

Pay attention to these guidelines highlighted above. I will be providing more in due course. I don't want you to reinvent the wheel so I aim to share my experiences and mistakes to ensure you are headed down your unique yet successful path sooner. Although hitting the gym is imperative, finding the right exercise program and following it to a tee will be more fruitful. Failure to produce a good plan will only lead to regret. My  pointers and steps are to assist you increase your workouts each time you do them. Avoid doing what all others is performing and just plan an exercise routine you like best. Learn to feel as well as think and of course, always have fun.

Best of luck and working out!


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