health benefit of cucumber

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  1. keeps you hydrated : because of the high amount of water and important electrolytes cucumber contains, it can help prevent dehydration and can help you meet your daily fluid needs .

  2. Manage Diabetes : Cucumbers have been used for assistance with glucose control in diabetic patients. They possess a hormone required by the beta cells during insulin production.

  3. Flushes out toxins: All that water in cucumber acts as a virtual broom, it helps to sweep out waste products from our system.

  4. good for hair and nail : cucumber contains silica which is an essential component that aids in developing strong and healthy connective tissues in the muscles, in order words it helps your hair and nails stay strong and shinning.


  1. treatment of sun burn : The extract of cucumbers is often used topically for treating various types of skin ailments like sunburn and under-eye swelling. They may also be used in the treatment of other skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

  2. Kidney Stones : Cucumber lowers uric acid levels in your system, cucumber is also known to dissolve kidney stones.

  3. Aids in weight loss : cucumber are low in calories. because of it high amount of water it contains it fill you up and you tend to eat less when you include cucumber in your meal which in turn helps you lose weight.

image source: google

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