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Cancer, and its cure(s), seemingly remains a modern day, medical Holy Grail quest.

There’s tons of research going down, and one day … it will happen. That’s what we're told, and until then, we should all be very afraid, and hope for the best. So if you or someone you know contracts it, fight the good fight with the officially sanctioned tools of the medical trade that are currently out there—the trifecta approach of chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery.

Righto….. like some, no many most things out there, once you start really questioning the official narrative(s) and investigating on your own, and cutting through the "made-easy-to-digest" façade of what is spoonfed to us, then you may start to know otherwise.

If one susses out that one is being lied to about A, B, D, E, F and X (plus a whole lot more), well then shouldn’t one also put the big C under the proverbial microscope, pardon the pun, and see what’s there?

This documentary, Cancer: The Forbidden Cures (2010) is a great place to start. It covers a LOT of ground over 93 minutes, and very importantly, looks at the “fork in the road” that medicine as a science / industry took back in the day. No "coink-e-dink" that organized bidni$$ interests play a part.

One of the doctors mentioned in passing above is Royal Raymond Rife. Here’s a summary piece on his approach, centered on frequency (everything has a vibration), at Royal Rife: Cancer Cure Genius Silenced by Medical Mafia. A short 8m 28s clip follows.

Still in doubt?

If you are prepared to invest more time and effort, here is a newer deep-dive look at The Truth About Cancer (TTAC for short). There’s also a book, and a video series (online and DVD). It’s an extensive exposé with 100+ international doctors, specialists and experts on this mission to bring the truth out.

Now, generally, don’t be no hater on all the other cancer professionals in the medical trade. Most are just as blind to it all as we (m)asses, because they are kept on certain managed tracks and fed certain science and research to keep them in line. They are not looking for this stuff, let alone being steered to it.

It’s about the higher controlling levels above them, compartmentalization of knowledge, and getting only enough information to do one's job, and no more. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer, a bank teller, a NASA "rocket scientist" or a TV news anchor reader.

If one ever steps out of the box, like our main man here, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, and tries to spread an alternative message, then the system comes down hard on you. In his case, it was all regulatory and legal. The trailer for Burzynski (movie) is below, but the full documentary (1h 48m) can be viewed free here. He is but one of the dozens featured in the TTAC series above.

Another “approach” used to deal with other maverick dissenters is to have them “suicided” or "accidented" as detailed in the matter of Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet and his demise. But this is, again, all surely “coink-e-dink," especially when it happens multiple times.

We all know too many who have contracted cancer, to various degrees of severity. It may come to your own sorry ass one day, literally or figuratively. No one wishes that, or any other affliction, on anyone, unless U B some sorta evil-ass mofo.

Everything changes though, once you know the real deal and what can be done.

The bottom line is that cancer has been cured, several times over, for well over a hundred years.

If you believe the industry is only suppressing the truth about cancer, well, there’s more to come. However, BNB has many mo’ topical fish to fry.

Modern medicine, and big pharma in particular, are all about creating customers, and not cures, especially if there be bountiful boatloads o' Benjamin$ to be made.

Why would an industry ever want to put forth cures and solutions that were readily available (mostly from nature), fast acting, non-invasive, and cheap?! Cuz there ain’t no scalable, monopoly bidni$$ model, with long term profitability and patentable intellectual property there, Corky.

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Modern medicine is closer to a cure than ever before. I lost my dad to cancer, so I keep up with the research. I recently read about natural sources like human breast milk, chemical properties in pineapple and, of course, cannabis are showing promising study results. Also, many people still don't understand the role that things like vitamin-D deficiency and being not getting enough omega-3 and omega-9 in the diet works to help prevent cancer. But, yeah, I understand about this terrible disease. Takes too many people too soon.