Exercises for the brain.

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It is not only necessary to keep the body in shape, but the MIND. Who does not want to reach 90 years with well awakened memory?


Until recently thought that the deterioration of memory was a consequence of the passage of time. Today, thanks to studies carried out it is believed that to keep our mind to stimulate it, to lead an active life socially, communicate, exit, encouraged to undertake changes, new challenges, discover new hobbies, to go to the cinema, theater, talk with colleagues, even with people of younger age, play, and interact without fear by the networks.

To put the neurons in operation, there are no excuses worth, any activity is valid. There are cognitive training techniques, it is something like doing exercises with neurons such as: surprise them, take them out of the routine, introduce them news, fun actions, etc. So that the brain becomes more flexible, agile and memory capacity increases.

Come on! Open your mind and try these exercises:

  • Bathe with your eyes closed: Find the keys of the water, adjust the temperature, look for the soap. Using only the touch you can notice the different textures.

  • Use the not dominant hand: Eat, write, brush your teeth, comb, paint, etc. We see how hard it is for us to do those routine activities that we are used to doing with the dominant hand.

  • Read aloud: This activates different circuits that you use to read in silence.

  • Change your routines: Do different things like go out, meet, chat with people of different ages, work and ideologies.

  • Change the things of place: Knowing where everything is, the brain constructs a map, for example when moving the products of the cupboard, the closet, the keys. We notice the number of times we look at the original place of things.

  • Learn something new: How To: photography, cooking, yoga, new language, puzzles, hobbies, crossword puzzles, etc

To maintain a healthy mind, it is also important some preventive care such as: healthy body, mood, healthy diet, perform physical exercises.


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