Rose water as a toner and a natural perfume

in #health3 years ago

As women, we are obliged to maintain self hygiene to prevent body odor. One of them is by using the natural fragrances such as rose cider. The Princess Royal family have proven efficacy of roses, a powerful ward off odor less luscious on the body. The trick is pretty easy: with soaking in water sprinkling rose petals.

Before used a bath, rendamlah rose for 10 minutes to allow the sari as well as whose better out. In addition can be used for bathing, the roses can also be used as a toner to invigorate the skin of the face. The trick is to boil the Roses until hot (do not need to boil). Then once cool, put it in a spray bottle and store in refrigerator. Spray spray roses in the face when needed.