Vaccines are Bullshit and why most people get it wrong (even those anti-vaccination)!

in #health3 years ago

If you want to label yourself conservative and pro science why bash people for their beliefs and reasons.. I am 28 never vaccinated, my father 57 never vaccinated my sister 26 never vaccinated my daughter 9 never vaccinated and we are all fine and healthy while we watch others sick at all those ages. IF you are "immune" thanks to your miracle vaccine why bash me and my family?

Does it make you feel better about taking a chance with your body and your kids' bodies? I can poke so many holes in the logic of vaccines using science that have nothing to do with what the MSM tries to lie and trick pro vaxxer's into.. We don't go around screaming mercury! No we look at the immune system and facts FROM the corporations that make the vaccines.

Go ask your local drug store for the actual facts. They by law have to give you it. No not the pamphlet with smiling kids, the REAL science and facts from their clinical trials.

Go see the truth with your own eyes. IF you are immune which is what vaccines claim (immunization) then HOW can I be a threat to you. YOU have the virus not me! If anything I can get it from you! IF you get it how is it from me and not the fact that YOU stuck it into your arm?!?!?!!!!!!! How stupid can you be?

By this logic you should roll around in polio and hope you don't get it! Then they try to blame people like me for getting it!??!!?!?!

Because I didn't roll around in it too? Gee golly that makes so much sense! NOT! It's almost as if a CORRUPT GREEDY UN-SCIENCE BASED corporation wrote the transcripts!

Prove me wrong! If you get immunized (vaccinated), how am i a threat? Either you admit the vaccine doesn't work, or, you aren't afraid of me!!! #SCIENCE!

If you are IMMUNE, how can I be a threat? If you aren't immune, then you are just paying a corporation to potentially infect you with a deadly virus!

Sounds like a smart move (NOT)! So either you accept that you are immune, or, you accept that vaccines are lies, and the question is, why bother taking them?

That is like playing russian roullette with a revolver that has 1k rounds and only 1 bullet! Sure your clinical trials show only 1 in 1000 get killed, but, did that make it logical to play?

0 of 1000 die by not playing lol! The few cases they (MSM and vaccine pushers) point to "oh look unvaccinated kid died", well they were unhealthy! They prob would have died either way! You can't say oh 1 in 1,000,000 kids died and happened to be unvaccinated and prove a point SCIENCE already proved!

They twist science and refuse to answer simple questions!


immune from further taxation
b : marked by protection
some criminal leaders are immune from arrest
2 : not susceptible or responsive
immune to all pleas
especially : having a high degree of resistance to a disease
immune to diphtheria
3a : having or producing antibodies or lymphocytes capable of reacting with a specific antigen
an immune serum
b : produced by, involved in, or concerned with immunity or an immune response

Your magic potion is a lie IF you believe you can still be infected from those not vaccinated! Either way i'm not the problem! I wish people would get that through their heads!

Frankly if you wanna vaccinate yourself, go for it! Read the science, read the clinical trials, and make that decision!

If you wanna shoot up heroin, that's on you! But don't blame me for not shooting up as well because you get sick and die! That is literally like a dope addict saying they over dose because I didn't shoot up too!


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