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The brain map created as a result of the EEG shot associated creativity and intuition with theta waves, closely related to the imagination. It was seen that people with ADHD produced excessive theta waves.


In some sources, it is said that the relationship between right brain and left brain is caused by the fact that they are different in ADHD. Heuristic is the feature of the right brain. In short, people with ADHD have higher intuitions than others. When a child with ADHD is forced into academic subjects, a computer genius is almost interrupted when he sits down in front of a computer.

The computer will be able to get there and find its way with its instincts. And it would be great if they knew how to manage this feature.

In short, the ADHD people unconsciously because they have a strong intuition to trace their hidden hidden feelings into the world of others. As in every other subject, being aware of this feature is the first step in managing it correctly. DEHBlili, who knows that he has such a power, can pass through the idea of ​​im I should say this? ”Up to 10 counts can be useful“.


Thus, the intuitive idea to compare with rational data to make the right decision, and to gain the time to establish the correct sentences. I agree, for an ADHD, this may be difficult at first. But with a little practice you can get this habit. After all, everyone's “mentor oc is not even work!

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