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Technology:That one thing which has transformed our lives.Looking few years ahead from now,imagine how amazed our children will be if they hear that people actually had to walk all the way to a telephone to make a call?Or even more shocking.Had to write letters?


The transformation is so drastic that just sitting in our sofa we can talk face to face to a person sitting half way across the globe,not even that .We can find out every tiny bit about the world on our fingertips.

Blessing?Well,yes off course,technology definitely is a blessing,but there is always a price to pay for every progress and thinking a bit deeper,hasn't this technology paralyzed us to our sofa?Just ask yourself how many hours a day do you walk around?Or how often do you go to the library to do your project?Be it just sitting on desk board working,or holding the world in your cellphone on your "sofa"?This inactive life doesn't only worsen your mental health ,it has also been shown to cause skeletal and muscle problems and is one of the key indicator of the fastest growing issue of obesity.If you are slim,do not think that you are off the killing waves and on the shore.That isn't the case.If you are physically inactive,you are still prone to early death.


This is a matter of serious concern and understandably each one of us should try bringing some positive changes to our lives and the very first mission should be to "Make A Stand Against Sitting"

Take a healthy start

Reduce the hours you sit,little by little.
Take stairs and avoid the elevator.
Try some easy workout
Set a time for yourself and your children to spend in front of the screen.

Remember, I am not talking about doing exercise regularly,if it is difficult for you.You just have to increase your movement.So move more and sit less.
Love your body and nurture it.


Very informative. Sometimes technology makes the man dependable on machine and become lazy

sofa=lazy, hahahaha.

That's my desk in the top picture! I use exact same desk at work and love it!

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