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In modern world ,every man and woman want a perfect shape of his or her body.We don't want to look fat for some people as compare to others,because they are genetically predisposed to gaining weight.
In this article,, I will discuss about various exercises,which can turn our body into or desired shapes and good health status.



They are those exercises ,in which we actually use oxygen to release energy.These include WALKING,SWIMMING, JOGGING,ETC.These are always done at lower pace,speed of aerobics exercises should be kept limited,you should not run too fast as it will tire you quickly and you will go fatigued,And that will shift you metabolism to Anaerobics. SO you should walk or run at a speed which allow you to continue your exercise for atleast half an hour.


Once you have taken command on 30 minutes of exercise,then you should start concentrating on your HEART RATE.The speed of aerobics should be increased to extent which increase your heart rate by 30%.If your basal rate is 70 beats per minute,the aerobics will increase your heart rate up to 90 beats per minute.Aerobics are suitable for the persons who want immediate fat loss,because in aerobic exercises,fats are burned during exercise for making and releasing energy.
Aerobics exercises strengthen your heart,increase HDL,decrease LDL. Aerobics also decrease the blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels,Also accelerates the metabolism and give strength to bones.


If you want to turn your body into strong,powerful and muscular shaped,Then anerobics are the best.They are done for gaining the muscle masses.Yo lift heavy weights,and in response ,your muscles grows.Some people use steroids,but it is a wrong technique.


In anaerobics ,no oxygen is used,you tire quickly ,lactic acid is produced and you become fatigued.But when you rest,your energy and fats start to shrink .In rest,your muscles gain oxygen and they start to repair themselves from the wears and tears of the Anaerobic session.At this time,they start using the fats and available sources of energy to repair themselves and increases in size.
Aerobics burn the fats in short time,results will be showed in weeks. Anaerobic is time consuming and take months.
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