Plz do these before sleeping to reduce weight...

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Everyone knows that the stomach should be filled properly for a good night's sleep. Dosage at least 2-3 hours before sleeping, digestion and sleep well. In this rule, some people go to bed with a little hunger, but many people drink lightly before going to sleep to avoid sleeping in the middle of the night. If these drinks are consumed with intelligence, then it helps to reduce sleep as well as reduce weight. Know about six such drinks.
Milk: There is a circulation of milk among Indians before sleeping. Triptophan and calcium in milk help to sleep. Good sleep helps reduce caloric intake by decreasing the level of the stroke.
Soy Milk: Low calorie soy milk contains amino acids named Triptophan. That helps bring sleeping. Playing soy milk before sleep helps the body to heal good hormones. Which helps to shed extra weight.
Grape juice: Dietitians say that helping to reduce the weight of fresh grapes such as sleep helps before sleeping.
Camomile: Before eating, this tea helps to increase sleep by increasing the level of glasin in the body. Camomile tea works as a neurotransmitter and keeps the nervous system relaxed. As well as controlling glucose levels helps reduce weight.
Grapefruit juice: Before sleeping, grapefruite juice helps control the level of insulin in the body. This resulted in low calorie intake of vitamin C and potassium. Which is also good for the skin.
Soy Protein Shake: Experts say that Soy Protein Shake helps to sleep better. This shake helps in inducing drought induction melatonin which reduces the levels of cortisol and helps to reduce belly fat.

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