Whether Natural Medicines Are Devoid Of Side Effects ?

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Whether Natural Medicines Are Devoid Of Side Effects ?

Most of the people have a mindset that natural medicines (whether it is Ayurveda, Naturopathy or any other Herbal medicines) do not have side effects. Sadly this is wrong thinking and can be cleared with simple logic.

It is Newton's 3rd Law which stated.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

Yes This is true even for medicines.

Then from where such a mindset evolved ?

Herbal Medicines have adverse effects but it is very less compared to Modern Medicines. The risk is not big here. Thats why people evolved to think that they are devoid of side effects. Also the advertisements of brands which aims money alone in the name of organic/nature played important role in spreading such false propaganda.

So Whats the Problem If Adverse Effects Are Less ?

There is still a big problem in wrong prescription, dosage, diagnosis etc. Most of the people are taking herbal medicines without caring of dosage by thinking that they will not cause any harm. I advice you to change this kind of mindset as this can lead to much bigger health problems in future. There is a quote in Ayurveda

Even Poison Can Become Medicine In Right Dosage And Medicine Can Become Poison In Incorrect Dosage.

Dosage is one of the important factor, When you take a modern medicine tablet in excess dosage, the reaction is very quick. But at same time in herbal medicine you will not feel much trouble (there are medicines which have higher potency) which you may take it as ok. But the reaction is occuring inside body and in longer term it will lead into bigger complications.

Diagnosis is another factor. Nowadays there are many who prescribes herbal medicines by doing online courses etc. Without knowing the drug action, complication, human anatomy, physiology they blindly gives advises. (They also thinking that, herbal medicine will not have complication, When the condition is cured somehow then they get more fame and money).

There is another set of people who searches google for herbal medicines and start taking it like for diabetic, hairfall etc.

Each person is different according to ayurveda, and each have different composition, the dosage and medicine also will be different for each even for same disease, therefore do not try self medication without consulting with a qualified doctor. It is applicable for almost all other medical sciences in one or another way, like in modern medicine dosage is based on weight of patient.(there are other factors also).

All these are wrong ways and it is risking your life. Yes, some advices may work when luck is there with you, But for most it gives negative results and the blame will ultimately comes over the science.

Even Vegetable Juices in excess quantity can lead to bad effects.

Like Even Food In Excess Quantity Causes Indigestion :)

Those who support only scientific medicine argues that the side effects of herbal medicines are not tested/analyzed/researched to know the complications therefore they are having side effects unknown. As an Ayurveda doctor i cannot agree to this argument as the herbal medicines are time tested by 1000s of years. In ayurveda each and every drug/medicines effects as well as side effects, its management are mentioned, studied. And Modern medicine is neither perfect nor reached 100% to strike out the ancient system of medicines which does wonders even in conditions where modern medicine fails. Let them advance much more and i believe we gets some meeting point in between. And it is true that the Ayurveda is very much lagging in researches and yes it is necessary to compete with the western medicine.( Lack of investments is the major problem) to improve the efficiency and to expand its reach.

There are ayurvedic medicines with rasas (Metals). Most of them in markets may not be purified or correctly prepared. These medicines will be much harmful than any other if taken in wrong prescription or wrong dosage. Never try self medication with them.

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I picked this "Even Poison Can Become Medicine In Right Dosage And Medicine Can Become Poison In Incorrect Dosage."... Thanks for sharing. Upvoted, and followed

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