Important Things To Take Care Of Exercise For Diabetic Patients

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Things To Take Care Of Exercise For Diabetic Patients

Diabetics is one of the leading metabolic disorder. It occurs due to different causes. Doctors advise us to control diet, physical activities, etc once blood sugar reaches above 130-140 mg/dl. Here i am discussing some points to take care of the exercise for diabetic patients.

Why Exercise is advised for Diabetic Patients ?

Exercise is advised for burning the excess calories as well as sugar in the body. Which helps to reduce the blood sugar level in body.

Any Precautions are to be taken ?

Yes, Because there are several risks that can happen due to negligence or ignorance during excercise eventhough it is indicated for diabetic patients.


* Blood Sugar should be monitored regularly. Also should be monitored before and after exercise at least once in 60 days.

Because the sugar level would decrease drastically during the exercise and It is important as the patient is doing the workout before taking food (that is in an empty stomach).

* Should drink plenty of water during the workout.

* Should keep and emergency kit nearby which includes tablets for hyperglycemia and sweets for hypogylcemic conditions.

* Take care of your body as much as you can. Injuries to foot, fingers etc takes long duration to heal for diabetic patients.

* Do workout together with friends or partner. Otherwise do with in the visual range of someone nearby. Avoid Workouts doing alone.

* Do Exercise according to your capacity. Don't do more than that.