Do Yoga Correctly - Unlock & Control Your Mind Which Can Heal You

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All of you read about Yoga at least once since last few years. There is rapid spread and acceptance of yoga, and more people are learning, practicing Yoga since last three years. You should thank India for giving this great science or technique to the world. There are still more to explore in the Ancient knowledge of India, which can solve our sufferings and improve living with positive energy and enthusiasm among us.

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Yoga is not merely body exercise but rather a mind exercise which have much more effect on your whole body than usual exercises. The mind is a powerful entity; modern science did not yet explore it thoroughly.

The power of the mind is infinite. There are different case studies where the modern science does not have an answer where mind done miracles to cure from incurable conditions. I believe we will have more explanations and answers for that and there will be easier ways to unlock the potential of the mind.

Latest studies on Yoga showing that it is capable of helping people from Alcohol Addiction, Mental Depression, Thyroid related complaints, Impotence, etc.

All these diseases or conditions have a direct connection with our mind, which shows how potential yoga is. Yoga should not be practiced as an exercise. There are many doing the asanas (yoga postures) as normal exercise by putting headset or listening music etc. There will not be much difference between such practice and our routine physical exercise. Correct yoga practice needs concentration of mind. Regular exercise doesn’t need mind factor. Concentration of mind and your breathing pattern have important role in yoga.

You may not feel sudden changes by doing yoga. There will be gradual changes. Always try to do pranayama (breath control techniques) along with yoga. Both are interconnected. You may not get synced with these from first day. By continuous training and practices the syncing will happen.

More and researches should be needed (It is going on around the world) in this to explore its more potentials. It does not matter what olden people/scripts tells. There will not be much acceptance unless it explained with modern scientific methodologies.

I advise you to correctly learn and practice yoga daily with the presence of mind and concentration. It helps you to rejuvenate your senses. It is more required for people who spends their 80% time with gadgets, LCDs etc.

Yoga is just like meditation, it is a gateway to your mind. Practice and control it. It can do wonders.

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