Lifestyle Approach to Our Health, and A Few Recommendations for the Workplace

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According to the World Health Organization, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of diseases or infirmities.” Now-a-days, the state of Spiritual well-being is also considered as part of our health status. You will do well if you are able to align your lifestyle with your health, as every minute, 7 billion lever cells die and 7 billion others are produced.

The age of 0-30 is said to be the young stage of life; 40-60 is considered as the middle age – and your lifestyle within this middle period greatly determines how healthy or unhealthy you are going to live afterwards.

What the body needs is stored in the varieties of food we take. There are six known classes of food, among which are: Carbohydrate (Energy), Protein (Growth), Fat and Oil (gives energy about two times the amount found in carbohydrate), Vitamin, Mineral and Water (they are the most important in preventing aging). In need for instant absorption of these classes of food, some people subject themselves to the intake of 'supplements'.

Taking ‘supplements’ that provide these essentials isn't exactly healthy, since they are mostly self-prescribed by the persons taking them. It is risky to depend on those ‘supplements’ on daily basis, as it reportedly causes problems for cancer patients. Some other studies claim some supplements increase mortality.

Fibers are found in plants and are very essential because they sweep the rough part of the trachea and the intestine; the surface area of a healthy intestine is about the size of the surface area of a lawn tennis court (from previous calculations, which are reproduced in reference works and textbooks). Fibers are found on the coat of grains. A grain of maize has 29 vitamins and fibers on its coat and when the coats are taken off, few are left. If we had the knowledge of the food we eat and what we dispose of in them, we would rather make a better meal than what we think we really are doing. The lower the fiber intake, the higher the risk of hemorrhoid.

Looking at water, the world is 75% water and humans are 80% – 90%. We need fluids in the body and one way of providing that is trying as much as possible to make blended fruits our companion. Taking just water provides the body with enough fluid but fewer vitamins and minerals, fruits are essential for the needed vitamins and minerals in the body.

For an improved health status, we need some time, at least 5 minutes every day for ourselves to set our lives on track, and this is helpful even to our organizations as well. As a healthy workforce is a healthy team, a healthy team makes a healthy division and a healthy division builds up a strong organization.

The World Health Organization reports that Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) take the lives of 17.7 million people every year (about 34 per minute) and it contributes to 31% of all global deaths. The case of the sudden demise of Sam Okwaraji (a veteran in the Nigerian soccer team in the period around 1989) springs to mind when discussing workplace health mishaps and management. Also the near-death case of Fabrice Muamba, an English professional footballer, serves as a balance. Both had a cardiac arrest on the pitch. Sam died as a result of lack of knowledge and experience by the medical team, many would argue; but Muamba lived on and had his wife pregnant for a second child after the incident. That makes a case for proper sensitization on health risks and management in the workplace, among co-workers.

Permit me to narrow down a bit to cardiac arrests, as it isn't too alien to the workplace.

When looking into Cardiac Arrest, it is the cessation of normal circulation of the blood due to failure of the heart to contract effectively. When the heart stops pumping, the brain reduces activity in all other organs including itself, the longer the cessation, the more brain damage that occurs.

How does it feel?

At any age, any chest tightness should be explored to the last point, if you have such feeling, contact your doctor, ask questions to know what is going on and what should be done, then get it done immediately. Cardiac arrest is a situation that should be attended to immediately without any waste of time.

Some commonly encountered enemies of a healthy Heart could be: uncooked salt (never eat uncooked salt), smoking of whatever is unhealthy to the heart. Your cholesterol and sugar level should be checked at least once every year. 10 minutes of your time to yourself exercising to keep fit is enough for a day. Health is the most vital force in life. And note that every cell in the body has a signal connected to the part of the brain that controls the tongue; what you say is also a determinant of your health.

Quick Fix for Sudden Collapse (Most common tragic health disaster)

What is the quick fix?

  • Cardio – Heart
  • Pulmonary – Lungs
  • Resuscitation – Revive

Firstly, make a call because you cannot do it all alone. Pump the chest and do not rush into mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Note that chest pumping is done on the floor and not on a couch or table. It is an emergency procedure done manually so, every minute counts. A CPR fact I stumbled upon somewhere (sorry I can't find that to reference, but I will share nonetheless ;-) ) claims that 80% of successful CPRs done on a friend or family member were done in a non-professional setting by no-medical persons who knew what to do and did it on time. That's expected because more than 80% cardiac arrests occur at home and like private places, including the workplace.

Previously, the procedure was ABC:

  • Airways – mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
  • Breathing – making sure the chest is moving
  • Chest Compression - enabling circulation

Currently it is Hands-only-CPR

  • Chest Compression
  • Airways
  • Breathing

The right procedure to CPR is:

  • Firstly, tap/shake the patient to be sure it is a cardiac arrest
  • Call for help
  • Kneel beside the patient and start chest compression
  • Lift the jaw to open the airways

In the case of a collapse due to hunger, just drop coke or glucose under the tongue.

Remember, do not move the patient without doing the chest compression, chest compression is the single most important act to take in a cardiac arrest; it pumps blood to the brain and needs to be started immediately. It's always advisable to practically learn an effective chest compression and advised that in the case of choking, the head should be put downward by lifting the feet up and the head twisted to the side for quick recovery through vomit.


To round it up, the hallmark of mastery is consistency. David Beckham was playing 50 free kicks after each training session. Consistency in taking healthy steps will lead to a better and happier life.

Daily exercise can be done in progression, bit-by-bit and not started big at once even by professional athletes. Do not take any herbal drug or supplement that is targeted at a disease. Trash any drug that is not scientifically targeted to an illness which had been proven by a medical personnel exists in your body.

If a person drowns and is saved, drag the person far away from the water, raise the feet up, twist the head sideward and press the chest. Whenever there is a pool party, ensure that an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), a Diver and a First Aid Team are on ground.

The key to detoxification of self is the Lymphatic System – do a diaphragmatic breathe, that's breathing in a healthy way, you breathe with your abdomen. The breathing system stimulates the lymphatic system. Breathe in 1 count, hold 4 counts and breathe out in 2 counts.

Alcohol at a particular level help to maintain the blood pressure but the level of alcohol required differs in humans and so one does not know the level of intake that is needed, but it is best if refrained from.

This is what an average individual should know, this is what employees should know to save the ones who die under their watch because of lack of knowledge, these are the things we take every organization through to ensure every workforce’s health is on the watch. Let's learn this, let's teach this and let's implement this. That way we live for ourselves and one another.

PS: I am not a certified Medical Practitioner but my profession (refer to my introduction post for more info) takes me through many fields of study. Additionally, I happened to grow in a home where I was exposed to basic medical practices, with my father being a Nurse. That said, do not mistake this for professional advice. Always best to see your doctor or medical expert where you need authoritative information and guidance.

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@awesomeabasiono I really love this article, the health education here is effective to almost all areas of emergency response and first aid.... Thanks a bunch for educating us.

You're highly welcome, more of it in stock yet to be unleashed.

What i say?? I'm gonna stop saying sh*t!

Really enlightening post. I think it would have been perfect to see some pictures of how those techniques (chest compression and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation) are carried out.
As for the alcohol••• i think i'll rather maintain my bloodpressure.

Thanks bro, keep your BP in check, it's good to. 😂😂😂
Thanks for the suggestion too, that'll be a key consideration in subsequent posts.
I appreciate.

thanks a lot for the education really appreciated .

The pleasure is mine, you're welcome.

Well writing article, health is what everyone must take serious, regular exercise is very important . I like the way you end your work by explaining that your not a health authority so that people don't take your advice alone without consulting their doctors. As they said health is wealth. good job.

Thanks @hynet.
Yes, health is wealth, more reason we ought to take it serious.

Thanks for life saving knowledge

Really interesting read, would love to dive a bit more on the topic myself

You can always stretch so you reach out and grab more knowledge, it's power.

I believe I give myself excuses not to do it, but that's ending!

You've got the strength to conquer that. When the feelings come, remember Nike's slogan. It can be tough but we're always tougher. Cheers to a new approach towards learning.

The information is great. You know a lot about the importance of taking care of our own health and what to do when we face sudden collapse although you are not in healthcare profession. Good job for sharing this info.

Thanks @jiashin, I do some research and my profession calls for knowledge from multiple fields.

Thanks Sir, You are brilliant for providing this uniqe information to us.

You're welcome Sir, I owe everyone this.

Great post and something everyone should read and know. Health is a tricky thing but it effects every aspect of our lives. Nice post, keep it up!

Thanks man, I appreciate.

That was brilliant. Really useful information. I would resteem this. Pretty much the quality bar we discussed. Proud you are raising it with every new post. Welcome to steem... and thrive ;-)


Thanks man, I give the credit to you. Your mentorship is paramount and it's well appreciated. Learning is what I term "indelible", I'm always up for it.

bro love to be your follower quite useful article you are posting and making us healtheir @awesomebasiono

I'm humbled @anupupadhaya, thanks so very much, it's our duty to keep an eye on each other.

You can't be more right. I quite agree with most of your stipulations, even though you're not a medical personnel.
Howbeit, inconsistency is one upheaval that face a daily exercise routine.

@asaj, thank you.
Thanks for agreeing with me even as a non-professional, facts are more relevant than its source. Let's soar high.

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Very informative.Who could have believed fiber is so essential in cleaning the rough part of the trachea and intestine.Didn't know that higher fibre intake could lower the risk of hemorrhoid. From this moment, I will combine my water intake with blended fruit to provide for more minerals and vitamins.How can one increase his fiber intakes from our normal basic diets? Thanks for such a great post.We certainly live to learn.

Thank you @kaydee, I'm glad you got more than a thing from the post.
To increase your fibre intake, take a lot of vegetables and edible grains just the way they are. For instance we peel beans coat away to make a smooth 'moi-moi', we get rid of maize coats to make a smooth pab. They may look pleasing to the eye but get into our body just to quench the hunger. Those coats we peel off have a lot in them, let's focus more on the nutrients than the texture of our meals. The internet will tell you more or better still you can visit a Nutritionist. Thanks and Happy Sunday.

Many thanks for having time to clarify me. I appreciate

You're always welcome Sir.


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Love this post, it's inspires me to improve with small but permanent steps. :D

I'm glad you love it, thanks a bunch.

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Thanks so much for the great response! I quoted some of this in the write up. Keep the awesome posts coming! Much love - Carl

This is awesome as your name implies , you have done a great job and i would recommend it for everyone , health is wealth man

Thanks a bunch bro, I appreciate.

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