Which disease is the most deadly disease between Cancer and HIV/Aid? give your reasons?

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I don't figure you can put a rating of which is more terrible on these two ailments. They are both serious and lethal diseases. There are a variety of cancer types and also treatment alternatives and survival rates shift for various types and the stages. .

We are gradually showing signs of improvement at enhancing survival for a few types of cancers. We have additionally turned out to be better at the management of HIV. Whenever it is detected early there are strong medications that can help to prevent an individual from having AIDS. There are social and financial reasons that make HIV treatment a lot harder.

Social and monetary deterrents are among the most concerning issues. Nobody wants to be marked as HIV+ due to the stigma that is usually attached to it in our society. We have gained ground yet that keeps individuals from being screened until late in the movement of the infection.

The medications are often expensive which makes taking them unaffordable for some individuals that require them. There is additionally the issue that AIDS patients likewise have cancer that was developed as a result of the sickness. So for those individuals there isn't much distinction. The two diseases are both dangerous and one is not better than the other when they are both in advance stages...

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