Health Tips: Take care with Lou, keep these things in mind

in #health5 years ago

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With heat growing, Lu's outbreak is also increasing. In this season a little incomprehensibility can be fatal for life. Do not be a victim of Lu, there is a need to be precise. Such lu can be avoided during the summer season.

These 6 measures-

1- Drink plenty of water before leaving the house.
2- Do not get out of the house without eating the stomach.
3- Wear loose, comfortable and comfortable clothes.
4- Drop dry clothes while leaving the dry clothes.
5- Use of umbrella, hat, towel etc. can be less effective, so it is better to use cotton / khadi saffl or dhoti.
6- Regularly prepare lassi, chhish, lemon water, mango cake etc. prepared in ORs at home.

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