What to do if you have a child with asthma?

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What to do if you have a child with asthma? Many people wanted to know us that he was pregnant. But sudden breathing or asthma has started. Now that the baby has got what he would like to drink. During pregnancy 22-24 weeks or by the end of the pregnancy, symptoms of asthma increase. However, there is no evidence of the increase in asthma symptoms during childbirth.
Asthma in Pregnancy

Those who already have azam have one-third of their asthma increased during pregnancy, one-third of asthma has improved and the rest of the asthma remain the same as before.

Why asthma rises: The exact cause is still unknown. However, due to increased pressure in pregnant stomach, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) increases, resulting in increased asthma trends and increased chest infection. Symptoms of sinusitis, viral infection in respiratory and cortisol hormones also increase the intensity of asthma.

Does asthma damage the pregnant child: If asthma is properly kept under control then there is no danger of the loss of pregnant or unborn child. It is possible to give birth to a healthy baby under the control of asthma. But if asthma is not under control, then the baby's weight may be lower than normal at birth. Because the amount of oxygen in the mother's blood decreases, the baby's blood also decreases. This oxygen deficiency hinders the growth of the baby in the womb.

Asthma treatment: Inhaler is effective and safe treatment for pregnant women. Allergy vaccines are also given to low dose at the doctor's advice. Ajam patient can also give breast milk to the child.


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