Guava Nutrition Content and Benefits of Guava for Health

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Steemians - The fruit is believed to come from the continent of South America and Central America has been widely cultivated in the tropics and subtropics around the world. Guava Fruit This seed is about 5cm to 15cm in size and is round or oval. Guava Fruit This seed has a scientific name called Psidium guajava.

Guava is a type of tropical fruits rich in Vitamin C that contains about 228.3mg in every 100 grams. This vitamin C content can suffice about 275% of our needs a day.

Nutrition Content of Guava Fruit


In addition to containing very high Vitamin C, Guava Fruit also contains various nutrients or nutrients that are very beneficial to human health. As shown in the table above, we can see so many excellent nutritional content for the health of the body.

Benefits of Guava Fruit for Health

Because of its nutritional and nutritional content, Guava is one of the right choices to consume to keep our body's health well preserved. The following are some of the benefits of Guava Fruit for our health.

1. Prevent Cancer

One of the most important benefits of adding guava to our diet is its ability to inhibit cancer cell growth. Some research conducted in recent years shows the effects of guava on the prevention of prostate and breast cancer.

The ability of guava is due to its antioxidant content called Lycopene. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and breast cancer.

2. Controlling Diabetes

Guava fruit intake can also help patients with diabetes. High levels of dietary fiber contained in guava can help lower blood glucose levels in the body.

Some studies have shown that high fiber consumption can help prevent the emergence of type 2 diabetes.

3. Regulate Blood Pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease

Guava This high-fiber seed can help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and also prevent the occurrence of thickening of cholesterol in the blood so it can keep the blood of the blood and lower blood pressure.

Guava also contains potassium or high potassium which is useful to maintain proper sodium levels in our body so that it can control blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

4. Increase Blood Production

Guava Fruit contains Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B3 (niacin), Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9 (Folate) and minerals such as iron, manganese and magnesium required in blood formation.

Vitamin C in guava also increases our body's capacity to absorb more iron (Iron).

5. Improve Brain Health

Guava contains Vitamin B3 and B6 which are known as nutrients for brain function. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) can increase blood flow and cognitive function while Vitamin B6 is a good nutrient for brain function and nerves. Eating guava can relax the nerves and increase concentration.

6. Improve Vision

Guava is a source of Vitamin A that can help improve vision. Vitamin A can slow the emergence of cataracts and macular degenaration and improve overall eye health.

Vitamin A contained in Guava can also help protect eye cells and prevent damage to the visual sense apparatus.

7. Maintaining Skin Health

With the content of Vitamin A, Guava can help maintain the health of our skin. Vitamin A also nourish the skin and protect it from free radicals. Guava can effectively cure skin diseases such as acne.

8. Boost the immune system

Guava is the best source of Vitamin C. This fruit contains 228.3mg in every 100gramnya or equivalent to 275% of our needs a day. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that enhances the functioning of the immune system to protect the body against diseases such as cough, flu and colds.

9. Treating Scurvy (Skorbut)

Scurvy or Scorbut is a disease caused by lack of Vitamin C (vitamin C deficiency). Symptoms such as weakness, gingivitis, lack of blood and bleeding on the skin. Scurvy disease can be cured by consuming Guava juice rich in Vitamin C.

10. Overcoming Constipation and Launching the Digestive System

Guava contains high fiber while the seeds can function as a very good laxative or laxative. As knowledge, laxatives or laxatives are foods or medicines that can help make dirt move easily in the gut.

Overall, guava or guava can help in the formation of healthy bowel movements, help hold water in the body and cleanse our intestines.

That was a myriad of benefits that we get from guava fruit. Simply by consuming it we can immediately feel the benefits.

It is true that the sages say that "Nature provides all that is needed by living beings".

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