Formulas and How to Calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) And The right time to weigh the body

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Steemians - Body Mass Index or abbreviated with BMI is one way that is used to measure the normal weight of a person based on the height of his body.

Usually if a person's weight is in accordance with the height then it can be said that the person has an ideal body (in terms of health), but if someone has a weight less then he categorized into a thin-skinned people.

While people who have excess body weight is called Obesity (Overweight). Obesity can increase the risk of various diseases such as Diabetes (diabetes), Heart Attack, Hypertension, Uric Acid, High Cholesterol and also Sleep Apnea is difficulty sleeping soundly due to respiratory problems.

Therefore, knowing the BMI index of our body is important so that we can keep our weight always in normal condition so that it can reduce the risk of diseases caused by this Obesity. How to do it? Here's the explanation:

How to Calculate BMI (Body Mass Index)

On the Internet, there are many automatic calculators that calculate Body Mass Index or BMI, but it would be nice if we also know the formula to be calculated manually.

The formula for calculating BMI (Body Mass Index)

The formula for calculating BMI is also very simple and easy. Here is a formula for calculating BMI:

BMI = Weight / (Body height * Height)

Information :
Weight-Loss is Kilogram (kg)
The High-Body Entity is the Meter (m)

Examples of ways to calculate BMI (Body Mass Index)

  • Example 1:

Your weight is 65kg and your Height is 1.70m (170cm). What is your Body Mass Index or BMI?

BMI = 65kg / (1.70 x 1.70)
BMI = 22.49 → Normal

  • Example 2:

Your weight is 75 kg and your Body Height is 1.65m (165cm). What is your Body Mass Index or BMI?

BMI = 75kg / (1.65 x 1.65)
BMI = 27.55 → Fat

  • Example 3:

You have a 1.65m (165cm) Height and say you want to be in BMI or BMI around 20 (normal). What is the ideal weight for you?

Weight = the desired BMI value x (Body height x Height)
Weight = 20 x (1.65 x 1.65)
Weight = 54.45 kg

So the ideal weight for you is around 54.45 kg.

Category BMI (Body Mass Index) or BMI (Body Mass Index)

The following is the BMI Index Table based on the Ministry of Health.


When Is The Right Time To Weigh The Body?

Doctors recommend that we weigh the body every day at the same time. The reason is, our weight goes up and down all day, so if we do it at different times, the readable numbers may not reflect the increase or decrease in weight.

So the main question is when is the right time to weigh the body?

According to nutrition and health experts, we should weigh the weight body in the morning, after we empty the stomach and before we breakfast or exercise.

This not only produces lower scales, but we also get accurate figures about how much we weigh actually.

Also, make sure the scales are on a hard and flat surface, without carpeting, then place your feet in a balanced position on it. That way you'll get the exact numbers that get you to know accurately about your weight.

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