Keeping A Neat And Healthy Nail Is Significant For Your Health.

in #health3 years ago

Keeping nails short and clean is one habit that has been totally forgotten by a lot of individuals, it is a habit that has been totally neglected and forsaken.


The nail, however, is a small and almost insignificant part of the body that should not be taken for granted because it has the ability to save a lot of germs. Hence, the reason for the need to keep it neat and shiny all day long.

The nail is one thing that gets people attracted to you especially someone like me, people notice your nails when you wave your hands when you are about to shake another person and do other things with your hand.


In order to be able to keep your body germ free, you have to become ready to take a good proper care of he nails.
For people who eat with their hands, your nails is an important part of the body that you should pay proper attention to, cur it, trim it when necessary, carefully remove all the dirts and allow it remain very neat.

For the love of your nails, it should be considered as an habit never to bite your nails or even pull off hangnails around your nails because it might be painful and even cause swellings which could give your nails an ugly nails.


cleanliness is next to godliness

I believe even if the nail is long, it could also be neat and attractive. I like long nails.

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