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Do you struggle with often recurrent diseases? Do you have enough of this and want to strengthen your immunity, and thus help your body, which is the best medicine for everything? I will tell you how to do it based on my own experience. It has to be a compendium that you can always have at hand.

In my case, after a few years of constant illness, there was frustration, it was still the same. And that prompted me to retreat by 360 degrees. I started to be interested in alternative medicine. I had enough doctors, who every now and then ordered more and more different antibiotics. I started to feel like a rat. I trusted educated authorities. However, it came to me that all this does not serve my health, that I'm doing it "uphill." I felt myself weakened, often at my own request, agreeing to "standard" treatment, listening unthinkingly what doctors say. Of course there are cases where academic medicine helps. I do not deny this, especially when it comes to "sudden" cases (life saving situations). On the other hand, I got the impression that I was chronically ill and nothing improved, despite the implementation of more and more new drugs recommended to me by doctors. People often live without consciousness, do not listen to their body, do not read signals sent by him. We have to learn this all the time, because the body can heal itself, you just have to listen to it and provide it with what it needs.

So I will describe you therapy, which I began to use based on different literature.

Vitamin C

I started using L-ascorbic acid. Of course, you can also use vit. C in a natural (best) form - derived from wild rose or acerola. I was drinking a solution made from 3-5 grams and a small glass of water. This can be done, for example, 3 times a day. You have to remember that after taking a certain dose of vit. C, its content in the body after half an hour is reduced by as much as half. So if we are ill and we need to maintain a high level of vit. C, we have to drink it every half hour / hour. The more so because during the inflammation the need for wit. C is much larger, it is taken up by the body to fight off infections. We can take Vitamin C up to the tolerance of the digestive system - that is, until the moment of diarrhea. If something starts to happen, we stop or reduce the dose.![IMG_1429.JPG]


FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Vitamin action C is huge and beneficial to the body:

  • is a powerful antioxidant - it slows down the aging of the body, fights free radicals (which cause disease),
  • is necessary for the production of the basic connective tissue protein, i.e. collagen,
  • supports the immune system, strengthens the production of antibodies,
  • has an anti-cancer effect,
  • eliminates heavy metals in the body,
  • protects DNA, proteins and fats against oxidation,
  • participates in maintaining proper psychological functions, supporting the nervous system and reducing fatigue and
  • lowers blood pressure,
  • facilitates the absorption of iron from food,
  • accelerates wound healing,
  • enables the proper synthesis of collagen,
  • strengthens blood vessels,
  • it plays a key role in maintaining the good condition of blood vessels and many more.

I think that no one doubts that it is worth taking this vitamin.

Vitamin D

Vit.D also contributed to strengthening my immunity. D3, which should be taken with fats (so that it is absorbed by the body). This form of vitamin is almost twice as effective in increasing the concentration of vitamin D in the blood form D2. Due to the fact that wit. D favors the absorption of calcium, we should take it in the company of vit. K, which will "stop" calcium in our bones. The right form is K2MK7- MenaQ Crystals - this is a natural version. Wit. D is also best in the form of natural or lanolin-derived fat found on sheep's wool. Therefore, if you were going to buy a supplement - read the labels! Personally, I use the Visanto brand supplement, which contains vit. A + D + E + K - means vitamins soluble in fats (pictured). The right level of vit. D for prophylactic purposes is 50-70 ng / ml (adults). But you should not be afraid of some higher levels, for example 100 ng / ml. Toxic level of vit. D starts from about 250 ng / ml. And due to the fact that we live in a temperate zone, we do not have too many sunny days a year. This often causes vitamin deficiencies vit. D or low level of vitamin on the border. In this case, its level should also be increased. If you want to test the level of vitamin D in the blood, you have to check the level of 25 (OH). It is important to do it in the autumn and winter. It is worth to supplement, because wit. D is a vitamin of life!



  • promotes the absorption of calcium,
  • anti-cancer activity (prostate cancer, colon or breast cancer),
  • prevention of osteoporosis,
  • necessary for proper operation of the system. the immune
  • strengthens teeth, skeleton,
  • helpful in diseases:
    rzs (rheumatoid arthritis),
    type 1 and 2 diabetes,
    inflammation of the intestines,
    food and other intolerances.

Diatomaceous earth - as a natural source of silicon

Another element that I used to increase immunity was and still is amorphous diatomaceous earth (diatomite). It is formed from single-cell algae shells - diatoms. It is created as a settlement of lakes and seas. The diatomaceous earth from Perma-Guard I have tested comes from a deposit in New Mexico. It connects with gastric acid, thanks to which the orthosilic acid bioavailable by the body.

Microscopic photo of diatomaceous earth

The action of diatomaceous earth is amazing - I felt it on my own skin in a short time. This earth, thanks to the cylindrical structure of the shells, detoxifies the body. Attracts endotoxins, pesticides, food deposits, drug residues and heavy metals, binding them and expelling them from the body, without damaging our natural bacterial flora and intestinal walls. After a few months of using the product, our intestines are clean and can effectively absorb nutrients. Such detoxification, of course, increases the immune system.


  • detoxification of the body, detoxification
  • faster metabolism - slimming effect,
  • beautiful complexion, hair and nails - by supporting natural regeneration processes and providing silicon - a natural building block of hair and nails,
  • effective fight against parasites - diatoms damage their protective coatings and
    they have a strong dehydrating effect on them,
  • helps reduce joint and back pain,
  • increases vitality,
  • reduces problems associated with psoriasis or rash,
  • supports wound healing,
  • reduces allergies such as hay fever or food,
  • prevents the increase of blood pressure,
  • reducing the tendency to constipation.

From my own experience, I can add that this land is great for hangovers and for all kinds of nausea, after less than 10 minutes you can feel a great relief on your stomach;)


As you can see, its operation is very versatile. According to the recommendations of specialists, a person should take 55 mg of pure silicon daily for the whole life. Researchers now say that fruits and vegetables provide us only 1/5 of this demand. If you want to start using diatomaceous earth, start with a dose of 3g- 1 flat teaspoon (adults) dissolved in a glass of water and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. Gradually increase the dose to 15 g. The rate of increasing the dose depends on your individual preferences and how you feel. Cleansing can last up to 6 months. Drink plenty of water (2l per day). Children from 12 years of age can take the product in a dose of 1.5-7.5g. Observe the child's reaction.

The result of my use of diatoms was a much better well-beeing, a feeling of "clean intestines" and accession energy in me :) I hope that some of you will need this knowledge and help stop the degradation of your organisms. If you want to help yourself, it's worth a try - the more that they are non-invasive, natural methods of supporting the body.

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