The Ten Fundamentals of the Implementation in Integral Form.

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Greetings friends, I was somewhat lost here, I was enjoying a bit of vacation and my friends, I will leave here a nice topic to strengthen the ideas in terms of fitness, which covers human nature in its entirety ..

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1- The Balance: Attend to relaxation, exercise, healthy eating as well as improving well-being through the application of hydrotherapy, eg example, or massages.

2- Exclusion of High Performance: It does not pursue high returns but a general fitness, a harmonious development of personal capabilities.

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3- Adequacy for All Ages: He does not subscribe to the notion that the ideal state is that of the young, dynamic, sporty, well-constituted individual who maintains his ideal weight, as if we all had to adjust to the multimedia standards of the man -announcement or woman-announcement that we suggests the advertising of sports articles. Quite on the contrary, the ideal fit wants to address the ordinary individual, young or not, sedentary or enthusiastic sports.

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4-Individuality: Postulates that each individual configure their practice of fitness in accordance with their own needs and learn to consider reasonable and achievable objectives within their personal possibilities.

5- The Conscious and the Meditated: it puts the reflection and the action before it. What do I propose? What will I need to get it? Will I be able to persevere? How will I approach the goal?

6- Realism and Objectivity: Renunciation of false promises, to the chimerical hopes of the type "How to rejuvenate ten years in ten days" or "Slim ten kilos in ten days" even if you miss some illusions, we will save countless disappointments and not a few regrets.

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7- Motivation: Walk slowly and carry credible goals. Through staggered programs, we gradually go from our present state to the desirable condition of fitness.

8- Flexibility: It is characterized by the abundance and variety of its resources. It consists of a large number of modules, we could say, that make up an organized set. Whoever wants to relax, exercise, tremble the resistance of their organism or rationally feed themselves will find different ways of doing all that.

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9 - News: takes into account the varied demands of modern life, dealing with stress, the saturation of stimuli that we suffer in the great metropolis, the dangers that result from environmental pollution or the wrong eating habits, we must look for alternative solutions.

10- Antonomia: You are responsible for your own welfare and do not intend anything else, propose help to make decisions on your own.

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You have the objection or not to adopt or not the techniques that are explained here.

Thanks friends for taking a little time and reading !!

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