Why Sleep Is Important!

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Good evening my dear friend!

  • Today i want thinking about to share some benefits of sleeping early.

  • The main purpose of writing this post is that, As every one knows that this new generation is not caring about the sleep timing and they are wasting there important sleep time on internet and other unimportant stuff, in early life only genius student were awake till late time and the purpose was to study hard for the exams and make a good grades.

  • But now the trend is very changed with the time now people are wasting there time on internet chatting with their friends which is just a waste of time and to play games online and offline which is just a waste of time, and that is the main problem of there parents that they are buying the computers for their kids and they are forcing him to waste there precious time in plying such things which will not benefit them in any way of life or in future .

Some Healthy Benefit Of Early Sleeping!

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  • We know that sleeping early have good effects on heart mind and other parts of body it keep all these body parts very active.

  • It will never allow the dark circles around your eyes! when you get a proper sleep on time.

  • When you get a proper sleep you will feel that your mind will be boosted and it will be a fresh feeling for you in the morning rather than sleep in day time it will not make you feel fresh that is my personal experience! and you can try that by your self as well.

  • When you wake up fresh in the morning you will able to walk properly and you will be able t drive with conform that will make the accident chance rear that is good for you always ,

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  • Sleep help us in reducing the blood pressure on a person when you sleep properly

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Well done . Really wonderful work
A distinct idea. good for you
Thanks for sharing that with us‏..

i totally agree with the benefits u laid out on early sleeping, a good sleep is what most of us need from adults to children and enough for about 7/8 hours, however some about 50% i suppose is wasting their time by being on digital surroundings while the others , naturally just cant fall asleep .

If only I could get to sleep when I go to bed early!
Usually if go to bed "early" I simply lay there, without actually falling asleep.

But I agree sleep hygiene is important, yet honestly it's just small part of sleep health, you can still sleep like shit even with good sleep hygiene.

Well I do believe that sleep is important, as long as it is necessary, sleep more will bring us problems and sleep very little, still more problems.

However, I think that if as a species we had the capacity to sleep less hours a day without affecting our health and humor, we would all be much more productive. Nice post.

Wish i could sleep all day!

True that, my friend. Sleep is a good way to recharge and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Have a good rest over the weekend :)

Followed you for more great tips, hope you'll follow me too :)


sleep is so poorly researched

If the young people knew the damage they do to their organism, so many disorders in the dream, I think they would avoid going to bed so late.
Particularly I go to bed early and wake up with courage to perform my daily tasks.
On some occasions, I had to sleep a few hours and the next day I had a terrible time.

Your post is totally true! I've experienced the problems that happen when you don't sleep well. You don't function properly. Some people don't take their sleep habit too seriously.

Thanks for the benefits highlited. In this digital age, we care less about sleep. Hmm, maybe I'll try take your advice tonight. Good evening @ammar0344

I have made a goodnight's sleep a high priority for many years. I take a 3mg supplement of melatonin, a natural sleep aid that the body already manufactures, but as we age less than we need.

Excellent publication, thanks for sharing.

You shared a very important post, really, we do not really know how to sleep, the virtual world and we waste more time lately which can have a profound effect in our lives, even in our bodies.
thanks for sharing this type of important matter

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Having a good night sleep can be a result of physical, emotional, and or psychological conditioning. Eating the right foods, exercise, and clearing your mind of current worries will do wonders and give your body the rest and sound sleep it needs.

Without health nothing has value

Great post deserves a vote
But take this a little further and you will be able to link be sleep to all sorts of diseases
The reason most people have horrible sleep is due to them using technology all the time (why you see it in teenagers especially)
I could write a whole blog on this (will in the future) but the major reason is that all these screens are using blue backlights
This completely screws melanopsin (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melanopsin) which is the primary controller for day and night cycles
Melanopsin controls the secretion of the hormone Melatonin
In general terms, this hormone is the called the "Sleep hormone"

When Melanopsin does NOT get irradiated with light in the Blue to the Green range it starts getting ready to use the Melatonin created during daytime
(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melatonin) most people have heard about it but no one really understand how it gets made during the DAY

It happens in the same places we find Melanopsin, the eye and the skin.
UV light gets absorbed my the "Bensen ring" in the aromatic amino acid (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aromatic_amino_acid) Tryptophan
Take a look at the chemical structuce of these types of amino acids

Does your computer smartphone or what not emit light in the UV range.. Nope

Are other hormones made the same way?
Watch Jack Kruse's talk from Nourish Vermont 2017 he will tell you even more about this

Sleep is really all about Autophagy and Apoptosis
Cancer can NOT happen when Apoptosis is working properly

Do I say that the higher levels of cancer is steeming from techonology? ... Yep

Great post.! Sleep deprivation even causes mental and emotional imbalance.