The Secret of Youth in The Magic Formula

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Every one of your trillions of cells need the protection of one critical molecule to survive, This molecule is named GLUTATHIONE, a large protein molecule and made of three amino acids: glycine, glutamine and cysteine.


The body's ultimate protector from: 

Free radical damage, harmful toxins and waste, bacterial and viral infection

Glutathione is the master antioxidant, master detoxifier and master immune booster. The glutathione in your cells keeps your detoxification and immune systems in optimum condition. This reduces your risk of 100 known health conditions and contributes to general health maintenance. It is the Master:

1. Master antioxidant:

Glutathione is known as the master antioxidant because, unlike other antioxidants, it is the only one that works at an intracellular level (inside the cell) to protect it from harm. Glutathione also has the unique ability among antioxidants of being able to regenerate both itself and other antioxidants like Vitamin C and E. It recycles these used antioxidant molecules, returning them to active duty neutralizing free radicals. Many researchers believe that ageing-related diseases like heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, cancer and other dreaded diseases are caused by cellular damage from free radicals. One of the possible ways to prevent these diseases is to make sure that your glutathione level is high; this ensures that free radicals are mopped up before they cause harm to the cells, the organs and eventually our health 

2. Master immune booster:

Cells with higher glutathione levels are able to protect themselves more effectively against attack from viruses and bacteria. Glutathione plays a central role in the proper functioning of white blood cells, including T cell lymphocytes, the Frontline soldiers of your immune system. Some experts say glutathione is so versatile that it plays a beneficial role against almost any disease! John Pinto from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre said “if you deplete the glutathione in a cell, the cell loses its immune activity and disintegrates.”

3. Master detoxifier:

It is often thought that waste is only eliminated by the bowels and the bladder. However the most profound and complicated elimination of waste takes place at a molecular level. Indeed, the highest concentration of glutathione is in the cells of your organs that must deal with external contaminants - your skin, lungs, liver, stomach and kidneys. Glutathione is the most critical and integral part of your molecular detoxification system in all your cells but especially the cells of these vital organs. Foreign toxins such as carcinogens, heavy metals as well as normal cell waste stick to glutathione which carries it away via the kidneys and out of your body.

4. Skin care from the inside:

Many experts believe that a lack of glutathione is the biggest contributor to premature ageing both inside your body but also on the outside. Increased glutathione in your skin reduces damage from external factors, such as harmful UV rays that generate free radicals and damage collagen fibres. For many, improved skin is the first thing they notice after increasing glutathione levels; Reduction in brown spots, Brighter and softer skin, Improved skin elasticity.

5. You probably need more of it since your body makes its own glutathione, you may wonder why you need more! Here’s three reasons why. From the age of 20, your body’s natural production of glutathione begins to decline. Most people lack all the components your body needs to produce glutathione continually. Glutathione lasts only around 36-hours before needing to be replenished. So this is why taking Glutathione product daily is so valuable and so effective at boosting many aspects of your health in the short and long-term.

The key to producing more of your body’s ultimate protector is any product uses a patented delivery system to ensure each cell receives the three amino acids it needs to produce glutathione. We find more  specification in this video.

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As many products of glutathione made by laboratories, we find EDG3 as a product more different than others, it is a revolutionary building block formula invented by Professor Dr Albert B. Crum, Harvard educated physician, research scientist and Hall of Fame inventor and life member of Sigma XI: Scientific Research Society. 

 The US-patented amino acid blend in EDG3 includes a special carrier and activator to transport the building blocks into your cells and then activate the glutathione for use:

* EDG3 has greater absorption than oral glutathione and other supplements.

* EDG3 is naturally sweet with no added colors, artificial flavors, animal products or preservatives. 

* EDG3 contains natural berry extract for a pleasant taste. 

* EDG3 Activate the production of your body’s master antioxidant - glutathione - inside your cells.  

* EDG3 Boost immunity, recovery and skin appearance while regenerating other antioxidants.

* EDG3 Protect every cell from damage by toxins, free radicals, disease and infection. 

Here in this video a simple explanation about EDG3.

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