Healthy Sambazon Acai Bowl

in health •  6 months ago

Acai Bowl


Acai Packs (I bought mine from Costco)
1 Mango
Sliced Banana
2 T Granola
Coconut Flakes

Put your defrosted acai pack into a bowl (I bought mine from Costco). Add in your sliced mango on top of the acai. Arrange your blueberries, sliced strawberries and banana next to the mango on top of the acai. Add in your granola and sprinkle in your coconut flakes.


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Greetings, ultra beautiful and dear young lady Lydia

Well, that's your sweet recipe.

Look what a paradox. From here about 2 hours ago I'm going to release a video talking about my return to physical activity and feeding change. In it, I'm practically cutting the candy in 90% hehehe.

Looking at your video, it gives a huge desire to eat. You're very competent.

Thank you and good morning!!!


Thanks Juliano! Keep it up no candy!!! lol Your doing good on dtube I like it keep going!


thank you, Lydia
i receive upvote there now and i am very happy :D

Yummy 😋 😍 ❤️ 🤩


Thanks! Almost as good as coconuts! <3


😂 😂 Totally... We are more difficult to crack but the bowl is included 🥥😜

Acai Is so good. I don't care about the health aspect lol 😜Nice bowl, That is amazing recipe. Great Video! ❤😊❤


Haha, well it has plenty of health benefits as well XD Thanks <3

yummy that looks fantasticdinner (2).gif


almost as good as sushi!

this looks really good! :) Another great video Lydia! :)


Thanks Matt! Working hard at getting better always! haha


you are so very welcome! :)

damn, i wish people called me ultra beautiful in my comments 😕. keep up the hustle. I see you getting close to that 2000 sub mark!


Hahahah! Yeah that's a first for me too don't worry LOL. And thanks! You keep up the hustle too. You've been rocking it on dtube!

Thanks again for this great recipe. You always make it look so simple. that is your strength.