Poor people are banned sick

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The photo above is the atmosphere seen in a public hospital in North Aceh Regency which I took a few days ago when I visited one of the families being treated there.

The Cut Meutia general hospital is one of the regional hospitals which is a reference place for patients who cannot be handled by the Puskesmas..

In the hospital which is a reference for the lower middle class people this every day is always filled with patients who want to take care, both outpatient and hospitalization.

The majority of patients are poor people who come from various sub-districts in the coastal area north of Aceh, especially the people of North Aceh.

When going to this hospital, patients always experience obstacles in the form of slow handling from a doctor, Even patients who are supposed to get priority are forced to queue to be examined, the hospital argues that this is a procedure which must be followed..

So that it has become a common sight when we see the queue, we must be ready to stand in line from morning to evening and even to night because of the large number of patients..

What was even more disappointing for the patients was that the doctors on duty were not present on schedule, they were always late even up to 2 or 3 hours from the schedule, Even though the patient had waited starting at 7 in the morning, but the doctor entered work at around 9 or 10 o'clock, even though the hours of entry for them were at 8 am. This is a common phenomenon in the territory of Indonesia, especially Aceh, which has not had a high level of discipline as shown by residents in developed countries..

Of course the disappointment of the patients who seek treatment will never end, but they are forced to continue to follow the procedures determined by the hospital for the they expected recovery.

This is not without foundation, because the patients who are treated at this government-owned hospital are poor people who do not have the cost of treatment at a private hospital or hospital that has l better services other..

The poor who seek treatment at this hospital rely solely on health cards issued by the government, so they do not have the burden to pay for hospital fees because all are paid by the government, And for that reason, the hospital seemed to not care too much about the fate of the patients even though they needed quick handling..

But we can judge from other hospital services that are charged fees, the rich patients who seek treatment always get priority and are even handled quickly.

Therefore, we can conclude that poor people who lack the cost of treatment are strongly encouraged to maintain their health as well as possible if they are unable to resist disappointment when going to the hospital.

In a broader sense, it can be said that poor people are prohibited from illness.

If you feel that you are a poor person, then try to have enough money if you want to suffer pain, because sickness is something that can only be suffered by rich people or possessing property.😁..

Below are some photos of views of the Cut Meutia public hospital where patients from poor people have arrived.


























From some of the photos that I showed above, maybe you can come to understand how disappointed the poor patients who want to get treatment at the hospital, they are people who cannot buy health as can be done by rich people.

Thank you very much.


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