Home treatment of Diabetes?

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Hello Dear Steemians!

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Purpose Of Post:

The Main purpose of this post is to give some important hope and healthy tips to such patients who are suffering from diabetes.

As we are aware that diabetes Is the critical condition of high level of sugar problem, Nowadays more than 40% of people are suffering from this disease in my country,

In Pakistan Many people are suffering from this Disease, As medical science is only trying to keep the sugar level in control somehow, But they are not able to make it treatable and to give a proper treatment to the patient and he get well like before. They only able to make him live on treatment.


Directions Of Use :

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  • First we will take a fresh red pomegranate.
  • We will Add Some water in a Pot And will put it on stove,
  • We will put the whole pomegranate in a water pot and will leave it in a boil water for almost 20 min that the pomegranate become cook inside, i will become very soft.
  • After few minutes we will take it out of water .


  • Cut the pomegranate will knife and put that in a blinder and blind it till it become a paste.
  • Save that paste in a Close jar.


Use one teaspoon of the paste with one glass of water twice a day at early morning before breakfast and at night before sleep ,It will control the sugar level of a diabetic patients must try it for better health.

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Having this disease is really a burden for someone has it and also for his family. My uncle died because of complication on this disease. They said that when you acquired such disease your life is now having a expected time frame. It is 25 years from the first day you acquired it. Thanks for this helpful this I hope none of our loves one could get any of this.


Sorry to hear about your uncle , same way my uncle died couple of weeks ago from this disease, Hut he was in chronic condition and was bot able to get well, so in start we need to follow instruction of proper treatment!


So sorry to hear about your Uncle. It is a terrible disease and can interrupt day to day life a great deal. Send thoughts and hope your heart heals.

My grandma died from complications of diabetes including toe rot, which would of lead to amputation. She thought switching to brown rice from white rice would help, but little did she know it was years of consuming sugar that caused her diabetes. She took all the pills in the world, but her problem was not the pills. She needed to ditch the sugars, processed shit and eat a keto diet and exercise. Can's save ignorance or stupidity. Always, she was always a bitter woman, don't miss her at all.

Awesome post, and This is great content to share here.
I have a friend who has diabities and I really want him to read this article.
Keep it up


thanks you should tell him to follow this it really helps

Intensive education for the patient and family is essential for the treatment of diabetes.

Thanks for sharing this with the community. It always nice to read something that is done with passion.

You should ask a doctor first! If you have diabetes you probably have others disseases or co-morbilities. As so you take drugs for that diseases that could interact badly. Not to forget that all fruit have sugar no it.

Worth trying if proven safe. Great reading thanks you


I like to see some solid questioning here. I've not looked into this yet, but the lack of sources is quite concerning.

Diabetes is just as serious as he makes it out to be. I would dearly love for the answer to be this simple.

Here's the most recent study I could find that investigated this effect in humans, and it seems to indicate that the juice (not an extract) has some benefits.


On the other hand there have been some mouse trials on an extract of the seeds of the fruit (NOT the juice)that have been promising, but mice are very much not people as scientists will tell you.

So, some reasons for hope but nothing definitive yet.

More broadly though, fruit is generally actually really good for diabetics, as the sugars are released slowly into your bloodstream, so I don't see that this advice will necessary be of any real harm.


(that's the study on pom seed extract's effect on diabetic rats)

tnx for sharing those kind of tips..my mom take insuline everyday for controling diabities in a limited range.i will discusses her about that

Read a book called The Obesity Code, Jason Fung MD explains how you can cure diabetes by fasting and proper diet.

Gracias alishannoor, tengo una planta de granadas en mi casa. No sabia que podía regular la diabetes, también que se usa para limpiar las arterias, y tiene propiedades desparasitantes. Saludos desde Venezuela.


are you talking about ice plant ?


No. Hablo de la foto que publicaste. En español Granada

Hola @alishannoor
La Granada también es estupenda para la vista.
Un par de gotas en los ojos y ayuda contra las cataratas.
Gracias por el artículo

This is great! I have a friend that could benefit from this :) Best wishes to you friend!


thank you so much i hope it helps him!

Very educative..

Muy buena información para el uso la medicina alternativa. Tenía conocimiento del uso de la granada para eliminar parásitos, para la próstata, como purificadora de la sangre, pero no sabia que también controla la diábetes. Tengo algunos amigos con esta enfermedad, le recomendaré que la usen. Gracias

Good info...

Very informative...

diabetics is a big curse as it leads to other problems like heart disease etc so a very good remedy to control it

What a beautiful way to treat the ill. Much better than doctors and drugs..

Good work sir, your post look wow!!


thank you so much dear !

and this looks delicious

bro apka number mil sakta hai?

i need your help plzz give me your number

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very interesting <3 i've known a lot of diabetic people here in the philippines

Esa fruta es muy dulce y rica, aquí le llaman granada, no sabía su potencial medicinal, saludos.

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lovely content..healthy fruit

@alishannoor Nice blog I have a granade tree in front of my house, I love it, I am diabetic please have a look to my blog in @ladyfont about diabetes it is in english

Yes! The fruit sugars are what will help anyone with diabetes, as confusing as that may sound.

Every one of our trillions of cells require carbon and oxygen (from simple carbohydrates) to produce the cellular energy known as ATP. Without this energy source our cells will eventually weaken.

Simple sugars from fruit (fructose) do not require the use of insulin to diffuse into the cells, so eating a high fruit diet will not tax your pancreas in the way that even eating vegetables or complex carbohydrates would.

The key is to strengthen the cells (by providing readily available ATP) and opening your eliminative pathways (kidneys, liver, colon, skin) to allow acidic wastes to leave the body.

When initially increasing your fruit intake as a diabetic, there will always be an initial loading of blood glucose levels but it will eventually balance itself out.

Good luck and good health to you and your family!


muchas gracias por el consejo a comprar granadillas se dijo.

This is informative post. It helps readers spread the awareness and prevent the sickness.



thanks hope you like it.

Be careful with this kind of advice. Some people could misunderstanding and leave their medication. Diabetes has treatment with effectivity proved. Some food has a low glycemic index and it improves glycemic excursions but there is not any food that cures diabetes.


no way people will not leave there medication its is just for few days if they are feeling the change they should continue this if not they can be on there medication .

this is my favorite fruit