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Beating the Cold Season: Old Wives' Tales that Actually Work

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Hello Samuel. I enjoyed reading your post. We have made fire cider a few times and I really love it. We also make kombucha. I haven't gotten into all the herbal remedies. However, today I learned in the Daily Mail curcemin, an ingredient in tumeric helped a women recover from a cancer ( I am new here as well. So, I hope I referenced that information correctly. Anyhow, great work. The flu has just hit some of my co-workers. So, your information is timely.

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Glad to hear from you, Alex.

Yes, turmeric is one of the master tonic roots! My own mom is a survivor and uses it regularly for its anti-inflammatory properties. I've heard also that curcumin is made even more potent when combined with piperine, the alkaloid active in peppercorns.

So glad you enjoyed the article. Lots more to come. Are you posting here too?

Hope you and yours stay safe and warm through the winter and beyond


Hello Samuel. Yup. I am posting here. My day job is long and sometimes hectic. But, I will try to be consistent and persistent. I am amazed that your mom is a survivor. By the time my father was my age he had a couple of heart attacks and a bowel bag. I made a determination that was not going to be my fate. So, let's keep in contact. I will look forward to and respond to your upcoming posts.